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Ohio: Destination Cats

Cuyahoga Falls Cat Cafe

Ohio: Destination Cats

Destination Cats: Take Me to The Cats

Destination Cats

Destination: joy! Destination Cats! Some people find their bliss on a beach, some people find it with cats. Get your one-way way ticket to joy at the new Cuyahoga Falls cat cafe, Destination Cats. Cheaper than a Bahamas vacation! More fun than an hour with your therapist, Destination Cats is your local place to chill in the company of cats.

Cuyahoga Falls Cat Cafe Is Small Town Heaven

Destination Cats is the second Northeast Ohio cat cafe to open this year, and Ohio’s fifth cat cafe. Leading the trend in bringing the cat cafe experience to smaller cities, this suburban cat cafe shows us every cat-loving region needs a cat lounge.

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