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About my ragdoll cat that i love a lot?

hi i have a ragdoll cat that i love very much ...and i just wont to known how do i keep him inside as i am getting a norther rag doll this week and i do wont enemy thing to happen to them or everyone to take them as my cats are a lot of money......

Ragdolls are great cats and congratulations on your new kitty Cats do a lot better indoors than outdoors, and a lot safer and liver a lot longer. It doesn't matter how much they cost, all cats deserve the safety of being inside.

They always stand at the door and i think they want to go outside somewhere what should i do

You control whether the cat goes out or not, actually. It takes patience and being on top of it all the time, to prevent escapes. You can distract your cat when he is at the door by throwing a toy for him. But having an environment that is cat-friendly and appealing is one that will help a lot. Place the tree in a spot where people hang out so your cats will feel like part of the family.

Thanks for suggest anything we can do for his attracting and prevent them to go outside somewhere

Get a tall cat tree with shelves and little tunnels. It should be at least 5 feet tall, and have sissal on it. Cats love to clean their nails on sissal, and will be attracted to it. Lots of good toys help as well

I see anyways what you think can i leave them free and let them go anywhere ?

As long as your cats are not bored and give them somewhere to sit so they can see the outside world, they should be fine. If you can train them with a harness then they will learn when it comes out on special occasions, then they get to go outside. Mine sit at the back door and patiently wait for me to take them for a walk.

Thanks for replies guys i am thinking to leaving them what you suggest ?

You can leave it for 3 or 4 days alone.Leave it a lot of dry food and plenty of water.If you have a friend ask him to come and see it one or two times.Generally it is preferable to keep a cat indoors to avoid accidents