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Really non allergic?

Really non allergic? Experiences please if you were allergic or not and other breeds you may have had if you were SEVERLY allergic to cats before. My dad is allergic and I am doing reaserch to try to find an "inexpensive" breed or a rescue group where I can find a non allergic cat. I know all about cats but I need references to choose one.

There really are no hypoallengenic breeds for cats. Allergies are caused by the dander in a cats fur, not the actual fur. Same goes with dogs. The only thing that will help is getting a cat with no fur, or dogs that don't shed, as the dander is not falling off the body with the fur.

What about my dad issue then ?

There is always a chance that your dad will still be allergic. I am very allergic to cats, however i have 3 all long hair. Some people out grow, or become accustomed to the dander and can live with the animals.

You are really not going to find a cat that is hypo-allergenic. All cats shed, all cats have dander and its a proven and well known fact.

The only thing u can do, is get medication,air filters and more expensive add ons if you must have a cat. I can also tell you right now a bengal cat is NOT what you are looking for. Not to mention, bengal cats are 700$ and up.

It is the dander that makes people sneeze and have allergies usually. I have persians so they have very long hair, which if you get them up in your face can make your eyes water. The only hairless cat is a Rex and I am sorry but they are not to cute poor things. Good luck and God bless.

Thank you so much guys