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Savannah cat as pet

I have always wanted a Savannah cat as a pet but don't know if it's like a tiger and is best left like in.....the wilderness or something. Is it like a regular cat or what? I was just curious so please give me your thoughts.

Savannah cats are technically not wild, but some are close such as the F1's and F1's are rarely for sale. Finding any Savannah at the price of $600.00 would be unusual so beware of low prices.

A true Savannah cat is still 25% wild. They are very expensive to find. Savannah's are extremely active, and need exercise even more than a typical house cat. These cats also are more likely to sneak outside. The best thing to do would be to have a small in closed outdoor sanctuary, but in all, doing this would cost a lot.

Those cats are not wild. Unless they are strays but most likely they are not. They are very popular but they are so hard to buy! They can get up to 600 dollars! A lot of money huh? I wanted one 2 but i got a siamese instead. They are the same size as probably a bob cat. They are pretty big kitties