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What personality does your British Shorthair have?

All cats have their own personality, what is your British short hair like?

Ours just turned 2 and he seems to have mellowed out a bit, less zooming around, but I'm not sure if it's because we keep trying to improve his diet (trying to feed him better...and he might be adjusting). He still does not like to cuddle and is pretty independent...likes to watch us from a few feet away and be in the same room as us half the time, sometimes he meows when he wants to play. The other half of the time he likes to go chill by himself in our bathroom, or bedroom (on our bed) while we're in the living room. he is unpredictable.

That's probably the breed, ours is exactly the same. The perfect spot seems to be 3 feet away. She does sleep between my legs every night for a few hours still, since she was a kitten. I hope that continues!

That is exactly ours. He only makes contact at night when he sleeps between my legs for a few hours. And he will only do that if there is a comforter separating him from direct contact.

Its scared lol  Same here. That cat refuses to touch me without a comforter in-between. I didn't knew that the characteristics of the breed were so similar! And between the legs as well. Scary!

Ha!! I was even wondering if ours would be more affectionate if he was a girl cat. Guess not! 😀

We've got a young girl - 1½ year old, and she's very calm and even tempered. Doesn't get too exited about stuff, me and my gf, or anything. The word lazy comes to mind.

Was she very hyper at a young age? I have a 4 month girl and she is very hyperactive. I guess she just hasn't hit that lazy age yet

To my surprise she actually started out fairly mellow, and became more active around her first heat. Perhaps her entering her first heat will mellow her out? Just a wild guess.In either case, she's extremely mellow compared to other cats.