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It is now easier than ever to find a cafe near you! If you still don’t have one in your neighborhood, build a cat cafe visit into your next trip. There’s good reason for why cat cafes are so popular: they’re AWESOME!

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What is a Cat Cafe?

A Cat Cafe is a coffee house concept that brings together adoptable cats and food in a relaxed environment to facilitate the adoption of shelter and rescue cats. In the United States, cat cafes typically partner with one or more rescue groups to find homeless cats a permanent home.  Cats are free to explore the enriched environment while patrons enjoy refreshments and the feline companionship.

Can I Bring My Cat to the Cat Cafe?

Cat CafeThis really is the first question people have about cat cafes. Seems cat people have an unrealized dream of taking our cats out on the town. No kittens, you can’t bring your cat. But you will enjoy meeting adoptable cats and maybe even consider taking one home!


Why haven’t you been to a cat cafe yet? It’s nearly 2020, cat people! It’s not 2014 anymore, kit kats. Sure, we’d scarcely heard of a cat cafe in the first half of the last decade. Cat cafes were an exotic destination, an internet novelty. But then the first cat cafe opened in California. In six short years, you can now find cat cafes in well over half of states in the country, with many states and even cities having multiple cafes. Even some mid-size cities now have a couple cat cafes. Cat cafe out of the bag? Cat cafe fever?

2020: Year of the Cat Cafe

Why shouldn’t there be a cat cafe on every corner? In every town and city across America? 2019 saw nearly thirty cat cafes open across the country. In fact, the last few months of the year saw Many of the new cafes are tucked in little neighborhoods or suburban enclaves. It is truly easier than ever to find a cat cafe near you!

2020 promises to be the best year yet for cat cafes. Not only will the list of cat cafes grow, but our favorite cat cafes just keep getting better. Trust us when we say, if you’ve seen one cat cafe you have not seen them all. Each is very different and we’ve yet to experience two alike. You gotta visit them all!


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Dreams come true! Find a cat cafe using our cat cafe guide and interactive map.