When you first heard of a cat cafe, maybe you thought it might look   something like this:

Cat Cafe


Or   like this:

Cat cafe



Cat Cafe


Accurate. All   true,   and   so   much   more.

But Seriously, What Is a Cat Cafe?

There’s no better way to learn what a cat cafe is than from the cat cafes themselves. Check it out: cat cafe slogans and taglines say it all!

KitTea Cat Cafe

a shortcut to happiness

KitTea Cat Cafe

Casual Cat Cafe

Bringing Happiness to the World

One Cat at a Time… or 12 cats, maybe 12 cats at time! 



 –Casual   Cat   Cafe

Knead Catfeine

Caffeine   &   Cuddles



 –Cat  Rescue Cafe

Mac Tabby Cat Cafe

Half Coffee   Shop. Half   Cat Lounge.   One Amazing Experience




-Mac   Tabby  Cat   Cafe

Naughty Cat Cafe

Escape   Reality  -Shed   Stress  -Save   Lives




Naughty Cat Cafe

Daily Mews Cat Cafe

Sips  and   Snuggles  with   Adoptable  Rescue Cats



Daily Mews

Organic Cat Cafe

Cats,   Coffee,   &   Consciousness



Organic Cat Cafe

Orlando Cat Cafe

Where   the Cool   Cats   Hang   Out

Orlando Cat Cafe

The Catio Nashville

Relax- Play-Adopt!




The Catio Nashville

If you’re still not clear, here is a roundup of a few more from our fave cat  cafes:


Relax with Cats –Cats in Bloom


Stay – Play – Adopt  –Give Purrs a Chance


Great Coffee with a Great Cause  Meows and Mochas 


Drink Coffee! Pet Cats! Save Lives! Purr Cup Cat Café


If it   all sounds pretty fantastic,   you would   be  right.   Find   a   cat   cafe near   you on our  live cat cafe map  or  in our  cat cafe  guide.