When you first heard of a cat cafe, maybe you thought it might look   something like this:

Cat Cafe


Or   like this:

Cat cafe



Cat Cafe


Accurate. All   true,   and   so   much   more.

But Seriously, What Is a Cat Cafe?

There’s no better way to learn what a cat cafe is than from the cat cafes themselves. Check it out: cat cafe slogans and taglines say it all!

KitTea Cat Cafe

a shortcut to happiness

KitTea Cat Cafe

Casual Cat Cafe

Bringing Happiness to the World

One Cat at a Time… or 12 cats, maybe 12 cats at time! 



 –Casual   Cat   Cafe

Knead Catfeine

Caffeine   &   Cuddles



 –Cat  Rescue Cafe

Mac Tabby Cat Cafe

Half Coffee   Shop. Half   Cat Lounge.   One Amazing Experience




-Mac   Tabby  Cat   Cafe

Naughty Cat Cafe

Escape   Reality  -Shed   Stress  -Save   Lives




Naughty Cat Cafe

Daily Mews Cat Cafe

Sips  and   Snuggles  with   Adoptable  Rescue Cats



Daily Mews

Orlando Cat Cafe

Where   the Cool   Cats   Hang   Out

Orlando Cat Cafe

The Catio Nashville

Relax- Play-Adopt!




The Catio Nashville

If you’re still not clear, here is a roundup of a few more from our fave cat  cafes:


Relax with Cats –Cats in Bloom


Stay – Play – Adopt  –Give Purrs a Chance


Great Coffee with a Great Cause  Meows and Mochas 


Drink Coffee! Pet Cats! Save Lives! Purr Cup Cat Café


If it   all sounds pretty fantastic,   you would   be  right.   Find   a   cat   cafe near   you on our  live cat cafe map  or  in our  cat cafe  guide.