South Carolina Cat Cafe

Travel South Carolina by cat! Cat cafes, that is.

Looking for South Carolina cat cafes? There are  currently two exceptional South Carolina cat cafes and another set to open in early 2024. South Carolina’s first cat cafe, Pounce Cat Cafe,  opened in Charleston in 2016. In 2019, Purr & Pour Cat Cafe opened in our nation’s third oldest city, Georgetown. 

With census data showing South Carolina is the fastest growing state of 2023, perhaps we’ll see South Carolina follow the happy trajectory of neighboring North Carolina, which ranks in the top three states for number of cat cafes. Excitement is now building for the early 2024 opening of Purrfect Pair Cat Cafe in Rock Hill. 

List of South Carolina Cat Cafes

Charleston:  Pounce Cat Cafe

Georgetown:  Purr & Pour Cat Cafe


South Carolina Cat Cafe Map

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