North Carolina Cat Cafes

North Carolina is one of the leading states for cat cafes in the country! There are now fourteen North Carolina cat cafes, with four new cafes  already opening in 2023. North Carolina is now tied with California for #3 in the number of cat cafes. Pennsylvania has leaped to the #2 spot for cat cafes in the country. Only Florida has more. 

In fact, the ambitious cat enthusiast could quite possibly visit a number cat cafes in one day. We suggest however a more leisurely tour, because, well, you could easily spend a whole day at each one!

While all of the North Carolina cat cafes are in the business of saving and adopting cats, no two are the same. Some are fancy, some are homey. All are fabulous.

North Carolina Cat Cafes

Asheville:  Cats at Play Cafe **NEW**

Asheville: House of Black Cat Magic **NEW**

Carthage: Kitten Around Cat Lounge

Chapel Hill:  Cat Tales Cat Cafe

Charlotte:   Daily Mews Cat Cafe

Charlotte:   Mac Tabby Cat Cafe

Concord:  Mac Tabby Cat Cafe

Fuquay-Varina:  Right Meow Cat Cafe  **NEW**

Gastonia:  Cool Beans Cat Cafe

Greensboro:   Crooked Tail Cat Cafe

Lenoir:  Brews and Mews Cafe

Raleigh:  Purr Cup Cat Cafe 

Wake Forest:  Frabjous Catfe  **NEW**

Winston-Salem: Crooked Tail Cat Cafe

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Not a Cat Cafe: The American Museum of the House Cat

No discussion of North Carolina cat destinations would be complete without special mention of The American Museum of the House Cat. That’s right, a cat museum. This a one of a kind educational, historical, multimedia art collection devoted to cats! The museum is the creation of Dr. Harold Sims, who also found the local Catman2 Shelter. The modest entry-fee helps support the cats.

North Carolina: Cat Tales Cat Cafe **NEW! Now Open**

Cat Tales Cat Cafe, Chapel Hill  

North Carolina: Crooked Tail Cat Cafe

Crooked Tail Cat Cafe, Greensboro

North Carolina: Daily Mews

Daily Mews, Charlotte

North Carolina: Purr Cup Cafe

Payment options Purr Cup Cafe, Raleigh     The first  Raleigh cat cafe Purr Cup Cafe is truly the cat’s meow!  Since getting started with pop-up events, Purr Cup Cafe has quickly become a Raleigh hidden gem since opening in their doors in 2020. What to Expect: Drink Coffee, Pet Cats, Save Lives Purr Cup…

North Carolina: Mac Tabby

Mac Tabby, Charlotte Payment options