Dedicated to helping you live That Cat Life at home and on the road.
That Cat Life connects you with cat-centric activities and brings you the best of what is happening in cat culture.

About Me

Not a cat. But on the internets, I have a talent for connecting cats with their peoples. Just a girl living that cat life and helping others do the same. That Cat Life is my way of supporting rescue cats and helping spread the joy of cat cafes. 

I am fascinated by the love, creativity, and hard work that makes up each cat cafe. Each cafe is a distinctly local experience offering a unique way to get to know the area. Oh yes, there are the cats. With each visit, you get to fall in love with at least one or three new cats.

All the research and writing on That Cat Life is my own. 

I didn’t choose that cat life. That cat life chose me! –Nancy Taylor