Mississippi Cat Postcard

Mississippi is home to two cat cafes! With a population of under three million people, Mississippi has a higher per capita cat cafe than even the United States’ most populous state of California; one cat cafe per 1.5 million people vs. California’s 1: 2.4 million. Looking good, Mississippi!

Mississippi’s first cat cafe opened in Elvis’s hometown of Tupelo in 2022. The Twisted Whisker is the first cat cafe in both Tupelo and the Magnolia State itself. The Cattiesburg Cafe opened in 2023 in Hattiesburg as the a premier cat cafe experience. And of course we take delight in the catification of Hattiesburg with the Cattiesburg Cafe!

Mississippi Cat Cafes

Hattiesburg:  The Cattiesburg Cafe

Tupelo:  The Twisted Whisker Cat Cafe

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