Alabama Cat Cafes

First Alabama Cat Cafe

Birmingham cat cafe Gatos & Beans is Alabama’s first.

Alabama Cat Cafes!


Woohoo!! There are not one but three Alabama cat cafes! The very first Alabama cat cafe opened in the state’s largest city, Birmingham, in 2019.  Huntsville followed in 2020 with the opening of Cattyshack, Inc. The state’s newest addition is The Lotus Catfe in Alabaster, which has the distinction of being the only cat lounge/yoga studio in the country and quite likely the world.


Huntsville cat cafe

Cattyshack, Inc. is now open in Huntsville!

Southern states have come on strong  as cat cafe leaders.  You  can now visit cat cafes in each  of the four states bordering Alabama. In fact, Florida has over taken California as the leading state for cat cafes in the country.  Road trip! If you need an out-of-state fast fix, The Naughty Cat Cafe in Chattanooga is probably the closest cat cafe to the Alabama line.

Will there be more Alabama cat cafes? We see nothing but wide open opportunity for Alabama cat lovers. What do you say Mobile? Montgomery?

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