Latest Covid-19 Updates for Alabama  Cat Cafes

Alabama cat cafes are opening up! Huntsville’s Cattyshack and Birmingham’s Gatos and Beans both have smart plans in place to reopen with safeguards against the Covid-19 virus. Be prepared to make a reservation, wear a mask, and  enjoy the joy of a cat cafe experience!

Gatos and Beans: Reopens Saturday , May 16. Will initially be open  Friday, Saturday, Sunday , Monday.


Cattyshack, Inc. will reopen  Saturday, May 23   and will be open   Fridays and   Saturdays   in   near future.  More details  on  links below and  please be  sure to always check for most up-to-the minute details on  the cat cafe’s social media!!

Alabama Cat Cafes

First Alabama Cat Cafe

Birmingham cat cafe Gatos & Beans is Alabama’s first.

Alabama Cat Cafes!


Woohoo!! There are not one but two Alabama cat cafes! The very first Alabama cat cafe opened in the state’s largest city, Birmingham, in 2019. Huntsville is home to the state’s newest cat cafe, Cattyshack.


Huntsville cat cafe

Cattyshack, Inc. is now open in Huntsville!

If you can’t make the trip to Birmingham or Huntsville, visit cat cafes in three of the four states bordering Alabama. Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee are cat cafe hot spots, with each having at least four cat cafes. Road trip! If you need a fast fix, The Naughty Cat Cafe in Chattanooga is probably the closest cat cafe to the Alabama line.

Will there be more Alabama cat cafes? We see nothing but wide open opportunity for Alabama cat lovers. What do you say Mobile? Montgomery?

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