New Hampshire Cat Cafe

No one  is surprised   that New Hampshire isn’t among the first states to have a cat cafe.   With a population of under 1.4 million people,   the whole state is  smaller than many  large cities that have cat cafes.   What is surprising is that  New Hampshire will  have their very own cat cafe before many much larger states. That’s right, the first New Hampshire cat cafe will be opening very soon.

Catitude: New Hampshire Loves Cats


New Hampshire cat

Live Free or Die! Of course  New Hampshire is full of cat people with a motto like this!


No question about it: New Hampshire has catitude. Only cat lovers could have a state motto like, “Live Free or Die.” Pure catitude! And it takes just a few facts about New Hampshire and its cats to purr-suade us that the state   will be tops  for cat cafes.   Stats  from the American Veterinary  Medical Association   (AVMA)   show  New Hampshirites to  be true cat people:

  • New Hampshire is a top dog in cat ownership, with 36% of  people having cats
  • Cats rule: way more New Hampshirites own cats than dogs
  • The state has one of the lowest percentages of dog ownership in the country (24%)

A very public expression of the state’s great love of kitty kats is found in Manchester’s Cat Alley. According to local lore, the alley first gained its moniker many decades ago when a man witnessed a tremendous cat fight. The actual cat art in Cat Alley first appeared over a decade ago and gradually filled the walls. If you’re a fan of street art (and cat street art), check out the Instagram account of Ryan Baxter (@be.are.son)


Cat Alley

Each Cat Alley painting celebrates cats. And sometimes cats and donuts. Photo: Ryan Baxter/IG @be.are.son

Cat Alley

From Copy Cats to Le Chat l’espace, Cat Alley has every kind of cat! Photo: Ryan Baxter

Cat Alley

Meow! Photo: Ryan Baxter

Cat Alley

Cat Alley wouldn’t be complete without Felix! Photo: Ryan Baxter

First New Hampshire Cat Cafe Opening Soon

Just a half hour from Cat Alley, the first New Hampshire cat cafe is set to open in little Newmarket this spring. The Tipsy Tabby will not just have the distinction of being the only New Hampshire cat cafe, but the only cat cafe in New England. In fact, you currently have to travel to Connecticut’s Mew Haven Cat Cafe for the closest fix. We can’t wait!

Newmarket: The Tipsy Tabby **Opening Spring 2020**