Maine Cat Cafes
Hey, where are the Maine cat cafes? Sorry kit kats, this cat loving state is still looking for its first cat cafe. The state with its own official state cat -the Maine coon of course- has yet to welcome the our fave cat loving establishment.  With the second highest cat ownership in the nation, we can only guess that Downeasters are busy cozying up with their own kitties at home. Or traveling to the nearest cat cafe in Massachusetts.

Cozy Cat

The U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook also ranks Maine in the top five states for pet loving people. So if you’re looking for a promising cat cafe opportunity, Maine may be just the spot. That’s right: Maine is one of the best states in the country to find your fellow cat people. Maine may have the lightest population density east of the Mississippi, but they lead Google searches for cats.


Yup, for five years running Mainers have been searching for cats on Google more than any other state in country. Maybe Mainers like to watch cat videos during those long Down East winters? Actually, yes, Google data says they do -our kinda people!

No Maine Cat Cafes, But Raise a Glass with Brewery Cats

Or perhaps Mainers simply prefer a different drink offering to the caffeine centric cafes found in other states? So while you won’t yet find any cat cafes in Maine, you can visit a brewery cat. Or at least a brewery with a resident cat! The long standing tradition of brewery cats, working cats that guard brewery grain, is seeing a grand revival with the growth of craft breweries. So while you’re waiting to have coffee with adoptable Maine cats, why not belly up to the bar with a working cat to enjoy a a nice farmhouse ale?

Go to the Odd Alewives Farm Brewery in Waldoboro for a chance to meet Rocket. Requiring equal parts ale ambassador, marketing genius, mouser, and regular cat, being a brewery cat is a big job.

Rocket, Odd Alewives Farm Brewery cat

Rocket the Odd Alewives Farm Brewery cat/Instagram

You might find Rocket in the tasting room barn, or out on patrol. Either way, you won’t find a better way to meet Maine cats.


Rocket, the Oddwives Alehouse Farm Brewery cat

Rocket, the Oddwives Alehouse Farm Brewery Cat/Instagram

About twelve miles down the road, you can visit another brewery cat, Dizzy of Oxbow Brewing Company. If you can’t get there in person, follow Dizzy’s very own Instagram.

Dizzy the Oxbow Brewing Company Cat

Dizzy the Oxbow Brewing Company Cat/Instagram


Oxbow Brewing Company/Instagram

Oxbow Brewing Company/Instagram

We say cheers to brewery cats! We can definitely raise a glass with brewery cats while we wait for Maine cat cafes!