South Dakota Cat CafesThe First and Only South Dakota Cat Cafe

Yes, kitties, South Dakota has a cat cafe! Sioux Falls boasts the first South Dakota cat cafe, The Cattitude Cafe. Since opening in July 2024, Cattitude has become both a local and regional destination. Cattitude is what cat cafe dreams are made of: a delightful cat lounge and full-menu cafe. Cattitude is also notable for having a popular drive-through and among the most extensive open hours in the country!

Is There a Rapid City Cat Cafe?

Cat on Mount Rushmore

Many visitors to South Dakota pass through Rapid City, the state’s second largest city. Planning their trip to the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore, cat lovers may ask: does Rapid City have a cat cafe? Not yet, kittens. But a new cat cafe is planning to open in Spring 2024: Coffee and the Cats. Should be on the Cat Map by the time you start your car for the Black Hills! 

South Dakota Cat Cafes

Sioux Falls: The Cattitude Cafe  **NEW**

South Dakota Cat Cafe Map

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