Arizona Cat Cafes

Arizona is home to four cat cafes! Don’t just come for the Grand Canyon, come for the cat cafes. Since La Gattera Cat Cafe & Boutique (Now PHX Cat Cafe) opened in Phoenix as the state’s 1st cat cafe in 2017, the Grand  Canyon state now boasts  four outstanding cat cafe experiences. Not surprisingly, the four Arizona cat cafes are found in the state’s top three most populous cities. The Phoenix area is home to two cafes, with PHX Cat Cafe located in downtown Phoenix and Kitty Pause Cat Cafe in Mesa. Tuscon is blessed with two cafes: the iconic El Jefe Cat Cafe and the brand new Hunter’s Kitten Lounge. Which one should you visit? Why all of them of course, again and again!




List of Arizona Cat Cafes

Mesa:  Kitty   Pause   Cafe

Phoenix:   PHX Cat Cafe

Tuscon:  EL Jefe Cat Lounge

Tuscon:  Hunter’s Kitten Lounge  **NEW**

Arizona Cat Cafe Map

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Arizona: El Jefe Cat Lounge

  El Jefe Cat Lounge is Tuscon’s first and only cat cafe. Located just a  couple miles from the  University of  Arizona  campus,  El Jefe delivers  Tuscon a top  cat cafe adventure.  Let’s be  clear: the coolest thing about El Jefe Cat Lounge is of course, the cats.  Picture this: three floors of feline adventuring…

Arizona: PHX Cat Cafe

NOTE: La Gattera has a rebrand! As of November 1, 2023, La Gattera is now PHX Cat Cafe! PHX Cat Cafe  is THE feline entertainment  center in   Phoenix!  No, not the place to bring your cats to be entertained. Rather, the place for you be delighted and  charmed by all things feline.  Hey, you might…