New Mexico Cat Cafe

Of course New Mexico has cat cafes, kitten! There are many dusty miles between cat cafes in the Southwest. But what the Southwest states lack in cat cafe numbers, they more than make up for in delightful cat cafe experience.


Some of us are getting pretty spoiled when it comes to cat cafe options. Ambitious cat lovers of say North Carolina can hit a several cafes a day if they wished. Cities like St. Louis and Nashville even have two cat cafes. Despite being one of the most sparsely populated states in the country, New Mexico boasts two cat cafes!


New Mexico -with its three fabulous cat cafes- has more cat cafes per capita than Florida. Say whaaaaat?!! While Florida boasts more cat cafes than any other state, it also has a lot of people. At this writing,  Florida has one cat cafe per 1.2 million people; New Mexico has one cat cafe for per 705k people. No fuzzy math here:  New Mexico is clearly the top-dog vs. Florida in per-capita cat cafes.


The state’s three unique cat cafes more than earn New Mexico its reputation as Land of Enchantment. By our calculation, you’ll need to  travel several hundred miles to find the next nearest cat cafe. Whether you’re just passing through or you’re lucky enough to live here, Stray Hearts ReTails and Catopia are where you want to be!


List of New Mexico Cat Cafes

Albuquerque: Catopia Cat Cafe

Las Cruces: Chili City Kitty  **NEW**

Taos: Stray Hearts Retails



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