Ohio Cat Cafes

Ohio is currently home to ten cat cafes, located in nearly every corner of the state.  The state’s longest running cafe is Kitty Brew Cat Cafe in Mason, which has been open since April of 2017. 2023 was biggest year yet for Ohio cat cafes, with a record four cafes opening. At least one cat cafe is set to open in 2014. 

Ohio Cat Cafes

Akron: Whiskers Cat Lounge

Alliance:  Mad Dogs &  Crazy Cats

Bowling Green:   Tabby & Fido’s Cat Cafe **NEW**

Cleveland:  affoGATO Cat Cafe 

Columbus: Kitty Bubble Cafe 

Dayton:  Gem City Cat Cafe 

Mason:  Kitty Brew Cafe

Medina:  Cats Off the Square

Washington Courthouse:  Kitty’s Catfe  **NEW**

Zanesville: The Chatty Cat Cafe  **NEW**

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