Living That Cat Life

We help you  live That Cat Life   at home and on the road. Find a cat cafe on our interactive cat cafe map or explore our cat cafe guide. Connect with the the best of what is happening in cat culture and cat-centric life. You know: the toys, the treats, new cat technology, and -above all- all the pretty kitty cats.

Cat Cafe

What is a Cat Cafe?

A cat cafe is   a place that lets people  experience the  magic of cats in a  relaxed, open setting.  Some have coffee. Some have wine.  Craft  beer.   There may be sweet treats  and  savory snacks. Possibly  soup or even a steak dinner or belgian waffle. But all have cats. Wonderful, fabulous adoptable cats.

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Cat Cafe Guide 2020

Cat Cafe Trends and Updates

Why haven’t you been to a cat cafe yet?  It’s not 2014 anymore, kit kats.  It’s 2020 and a whole new decade.  Sure, we’d scarcely heard of a cat cafe in the first half of the last decade. Cat cafes were an exotic destination, an internet novelty. But then the first cat cafe opened in California. In six short years, you can now find cat cafes in all but a handful of states. Many states , even cities, have multiple cafes. Some lucky mid-size cities now have a couple cat cafes. Cat cafe out of the bag? Cat cafe fever?

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