Missouri Cat Cafes

Show me the Missouri cat cafes! From east to west and in-between, the Show Me state has got the cat cafes. Missouri is now home to eight cat cafes, spaced evenly across the state.  It’s possible to visit   a number of cat cafes in an easy cruise across the state on Interstate 70. And the tourist destination of a Branson is now complete with its very own cat cafe.

St. Louis is home to both the first cat cafe in Missouri and also the first cat cafe in the Midwest. Set in the hip St. Louis border suburb of Maplewood, Mauhaus Cat Cafe and Lounge opened its doors in 2016. Two more Missouri cat cafes debuted in 2018, with the opening of the Ernest Hemingway-inspired Papa’s Cat Cafe opening in the college town of Columbia and Whiskers Cat Cafe in Kansas City. St. Louis city is home to our very favorite , AMAZING cat cafe, Cheshire Grin .  Mochas and Meows in Branson is   now an Ozarks  destination.

Road Trip: Missouri Cat Cafes

Whether you’re a local cat lover or a cat traveler just passing through, several charming Missouri cat cafe experiences await. You’ll find pricing to be very Midwest-friendly at all the cafes. The membership plans available at Papa’s and Whiskers are a tremendous deal! Locals can also take advantage of a broad offering of cat-centric activities like cat yoga and movie night.

Papa's Cat Cafe

All the cats and treats are just 5 minutes off of I-70 at Papa’s Cat Cafe! Photo: Papas Cat Cafe

But if you’re just road-tripping down I-70 through the state, our cat cafes offer a super travel break. What could be better than cats and coffee to dust off the dust of the road? And as you travel beyond state lines, head toward any of the six of eight states bordering Missouri with their own cat cafes.

Missouri Cat Cafes

Branson: Mochas and Meows

Columbia: Papas Cat Cafe

Kansas City: Whiskers Cat Cafe

Kirkwood,   Whisker Station 

Liberty,   Sugar Kittens  Cat Cafe

Maplewood (St.Louis Area): Mauhaus Cat Cafe & Lounge

St. Louis (Bevo Mill area), Cat Heaven Cat Lounge

St. Louis: Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe

Find a  Missouri Cat Cafe

40 Cat Adoption Event at Papa's Cat Cafe on December 14
Don't miss this very merry adoption event! 40 cats in the Papa's cat playroom! Reduced adoption fees at $25 (or fully waived).
Home for the Holidays Adoption Event at Papa's Cat Cafe!

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Missouri: Mochas and Meows

**Covid-19 Mochas and Meows Update** Curbside pickup will start May 20th in a first step toward full reopening. Adoptions are temporarily suspended until the cafe is able to reopen to the public. Hang in there, kitties! What could make Missouri’s top vacation destination complete? Cats! The new Branson cat cafe Mocha & Meows is the…

Missouri: Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe **New**

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Missouri: Papa’s Cat Cafe

Corde will assist you with your Papa’s Cat Cafe online reservation! There is sure to be a rush to visit the kitties when they reopen May 12 (reservation required!)!

Missouri: Mauhaus Cat Cafe & Lounge

**Mauhaus Coronavirus Update** Mauhaus is currently open for takeout and delivery of items on their wonderful menu. As of July 1, Mauhaus is in Phase 1 of their re-opening, welcoming small group reservations.Mauhaus is also continuing to facilitate adoptions. As the first cat cafe in the Midwest, Mauhaus Cat Cafe is a must visit for…