Virgnia Cat CafesCould it be time for an update of Virginia’s iconic tourism campaign, Virginia is for Lovers? We think “Virginia is for Cat Lovers” has a nice ring. With four Virginia cat cafes, the state has definitely staked a flag on the cat cafe map. In fact, Virginia is practically a cat cafe hub! Within just over one hundred miles, you can hit seven cat cafes. Seven! If you shoot up the East coast a little further to Philadelphia… Ok we’re getting carried away by cat cafes. It happens.

Virginia first hit the cat cafe map in 2017, a few quick years after the first U.S. cat cafe opened in California. In July 2017, Catnip Cat Cafe debuted in Norfolk as the state’s first cat cafe. Patriot Pawsabilities opened in Fairfax in March 2019 and Meows Corner Sterling opened in summer 2019. With the   recent debut of Mount Purrnon   in   Alexandria,  Northern Virginia now has  two cat cafe destinations!

Virginia Cat Cafes

Alexandria,  Mount Purrnon   Cat Cafe    **NEW! Now Open!**

Fairfax,  Patriot Pawsabilties

Norfolk,  Cat Nip Cat Cafe

Sterling, Meows Corner Cat Cafe & Lounge **NEW**