How do I find a cat cafe near me? You need a cat cafe map! Our cat cafe map is just cat cafes, that is: cafes with real, live cats. So you won’t be directed to places that sound like a cat cafe but actually are just a cat themed  bar. Nothing against that but we want real live cats in our cafe!

How To Find a Cat Cafe Near Me

Use our handy dandy, interactive map to plan a wonderful afternoon or a whole cat cafe roadtrip.


Get Directions

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There are several ways to use the map:

  • Enter your city in the CITY box at the top of the map. Adjust mile preference up to 300 miles. Voila: Cat cafes near you!
  • Click on a cafe pin in the area you wish to go,  click GET DIRECTIONS in info box.
  • Use the Directions option below the map. You can even type the name of your favorite cat cafe in directly.

Before You Go

Let us share a few pro-tips for a great cat cafe experience. The best advice we can give you is: know before you go. Visit the cat cafe website before you go, with special attention to these considerations: 

  • Reservations are encouraged, often required. Most cat cafes welcome walk-ins as space allows, but a reservation will guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 
  • Rates vary. There will be an entry fee to enter the cat area of the cafe. Cheerfully give them your money as proceeds help support the care and health of the cats.
  • Kid policies vary so be sure to check before you go. Some cafes require children to be at least five years old or even older. Some cafes have special hours or programs for small children. All cafes require small children to have an accompanying adult.
  • Food & drink offerings can be vastly different from one cat cafe to another. Some have a full cafe menu of food while another may have pre-packaged granola bars or no food at all. Some offer fancy coffee drinks while the next might just have a Keurig machine. Wine and specialty beers are now served at a number of cafes. This is the fun of cat cafes -each is a singular, unique experience! 
  • Waivers must be signed before entering the cat areas. Often you can sign this online with your reservation in advance.
Cat Cafe Map

Around the corner or across the country, the That Cat Lffe cat cafe map will get you to the cat cafes!