Wisconsin Cat Cafes

Could Wisconsin go from being America’s dairyland to America’s cat cafe-land? It could happen as Wisconsin cat cafes start to pop up across the state. Wisconsin currently has two cafes, one in Milwaukee and one in Menomonie. A third is set to open in Appleton in July. A Green Bay based cat sanctuary isn’t quite a full cat cafe, but is a cat lover outpost for northern Wisconsonites.

On the road to becoming America’s Cat Cafe-land, Wisconsin cat cafes are on the leading edge of national cat cafe trends:

  • Beyond coffee! Have a beer of glass of wine with your kitties at Sip & Purr and Tabby’s Catfe!

  • Beyond big cities! Small towns need cat cafes too! Menomomie’s Catfe is one of 1st small town cat cafes in country!

  • Back to school! Sip & Purr is leader in serving up creative study-with-cat deals for students.
  • Soup! Homemade soup at the cat cafe is sweeping the country! Ok, we made that up. But we think the unlimited soup & salad bar at Tabby’s Catfe is a brilliant idea that should be served up across the country!

Wisconsin Cat Cafes

Wisconsin Cat Cafes

Appleton, Pawffee Shop **NEW**

Menomonie, Tabby’s Catfe  **Permanently closed as of May 2020**

Milwaukee, Sip & Purr

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Wisconsin: Tabby’s Catfe **Permanently Closed**

**Update May 2020: Tabby’s Catfe is Permanently Closing** Payment options Tabby’s Catfe is the ultimate small town cafe…with cats! As Central Wisconsin’s only cat cafe, Tabby’s Catfe serves up all the small town goodness in a big time treat for cat lovers. Imagine the best local cafe, made perfect with a separate cat room and…

Wisconsin: Pawffee Shop Cat Cafe **NEW!**

**Pawffee Shop Cat Cafe Covid-19 Update** Chloe With the current Covid-19 Safer at Home order in place, the Pawffee Shop Cat Cafe has hit the paws button. While they are temporarily closed, you can support their mission by purchasing gift cards for future visits, tumblers, or t-shirts. They ship and are happy to arrange a…

Wisconsin: Sip & Purr

Sip & Purr, Milwaukee