Wisconsin Cat Cafes

Could Wisconsin go from being America’s dairyland to America’s cat cafe-land? It could happen as Wisconsin cat cafes start to pop up across the state. Wisconsin currently has two cafes, one in Milwaukee and one in Menomonie. A third is set to open in Appleton in July. A Green Bay based cat sanctuary isn’t quite a full cat cafe, but is a cat lover outpost for northern Wisconsonites.

On the road to becoming America’s Cat Cafe-land, Wisconsin cat cafes are on the leading edge of national cat cafe trends:

  • Beyond coffee! Have a beer of glass of wine with your kitties at Sip & Purr and Tabby’s Catfe!

  • Beyond big cities! Small towns need cat cafes too! Menomomie’s Catfe is one of 1st small town cat cafes in country!

  • Back to school! Sip & Purr is leader in serving up creative study-with-cat deals for students.
  • Soup! Homemade soup at the cat cafe is sweeping the country! Ok, we made that up. But we think the unlimited soup & salad bar at Tabby’s Catfe is a brilliant idea that should be served up across the country!

Wisconsin Cat Cafes

Wisconsin Cat Cafes

Appleton, Pawffee Shop **NEW**

Menomonie, Tabby’s Catfe

Milwaukee, Sip & Purr

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Wisconsin: Tabby’s Catfe

Payment options Tabby’s Catfe is the ultimate small town cafe…with cats! As Central Wisconsin’s only cat cafe, Tabby’s Catfe serves up all the small town goodness in a big time treat for cat lovers. Imagine the best local cafe, made perfect with a separate cat room and outdoor catio. Voila: Tabby’s Catfe! Tabby’s CatsTabby’s partners…

Wisconsin: Pawffee Shop Cat Cafe **NEW! Now Open**

Payment options Submit Northeast Wisconsin has their very first cat cafe! The Pawffee Shop Cat Cafe is now open in Grand Chute. Pawffee Shop’s tagline says it all: Cats, Coffee, Comfort. How is that for life goals? We love it! Pawffee Shop is the brainchild of Leah Enking and Elizabeth Feldhausen, who is also the…

Wisconsin: Sip & Purr

Sip & Purr, Milwaukee