Texas Cat Cafes

Texas Cat Cafes

How much do y’all know about Texas cat cafes?  We’re fixin to tell you all  y’all need to know and go. Texas is home to seven of the most charming cat cafes you will find anywhere.

Texas Cat Cafe

Each Texas cat cafe is unique and wonderful. Texas is where you’ll find  the first cat cafe in the country located in a mall. What a brilliant idea, right? How about a cat cafe with cat boarding facility attached (Texas has two!)? And only Texas has a cat cafe with their very own theme song. You can also visit a cat cafe in a cheery  bright yellow house that feels like home in every way? You’ll find all this and more in the Lone Star State.

Texas has experienced 133% growth in cat cafes since the great cattywampus of 2020. The Cozy Catfe opened in late 2021, followed by the debut of Sun City Kitty (El Paso) and Purr-fecto Cat Lounge (Austin) in 2022. The new Dallas cat cafe Whiskers and Soda gives you four amazing cafe opportunities in the Dallas metroplex.

Texas’s seven cafes are spread evenly across the state covering  from the Dallas metroplex to heart of Texas in Austin, south to Austin and out yonder in the West Texas town of El Paso.

The southwestern region of the country itself has historically been pretty light on cat cafes. By historically, we mean of course the short history of cat cafes in the United States, dating back to the olden times of 2014. But now three of the four states bordering Texas now have cat cafes. Only Louisiana is devoid of cat cafes, which Texans might say is all hat no cats. This still leaves many long dusty miles between sunny cat cafe destinations. Hello, opportunity!

List of Texas Cat Cafes

Arlington: The Cozy Catfe

Austin: Purr-fecto Cat Lounge

Dallas: Whiskers and Soda Cat Cafe

El Paso: Sun City Kitty

Houston: El Gato Coffeehouse

Lewisville (Denton County): The Charming Cat Cafe

Richland Hills (Tarrant County): The Casual Cat Cafe

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