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El Jefe Cat Lounge is Tuscon’s first and only cat cafe. Located just a  couple miles from the  University of  Arizona  campus,  El Jefe delivers  Tuscon a top  cat cafe adventure.

El Jefe Cat Lounge

 Let’s be  clear: the coolest thing about El Jefe Cat Lounge is of course, the cats.  Picture this: three floors of feline adventuring with thirty-five cats! But beyond cats, El  Jefe  is   one   of the  coolest cat   cafe spaces   you’ll   find.

El Jefe Cat Lounge

El Jefe/FB


A Space for   Cats   and People

Offering  three  enchanting  floors of  cats , El Jefe is a thoroughly delightful space for cats and people.   The   strip mall exterior gives little hint of the sleek,  even elegant lounge inside . The   fun and inspiring design sets   the stage for a thoroughly genial visit.

El Jefe Cat Lounge

El Jefe is designed for cats …and their people! El Jefe/FB

Think button  tufted  sofas, sumptuous fabrics, and crystal   chandeliers.   We can’t know  for certain   how the cats feel  about plush  velvet  upolstary, but we get paw-sitive   vibes. 

El Jefe Cat Lounge

Ultimate cat bed at El Jefe Cat Lounge!

Every inch of El Jefe Cat Lounge is cleverly designed to delight humans and felines alike. The open-concept space with  soaring  picture windows   gives  a  grand   view of the  neighboring mountains. 

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