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Is Papa’s Cat Cafe Closing?

After over five strong years, Papa’s Cat Cafe is set for a new chapter. The founders announced in May 2023 that they are ready to pass the Papa’s Cat Cafe torch.

Help Keep Papa’s Cat Cafe Open!

Set to start closing on June 18, 2023, Papa’s Cat Cafe has great hope that rescue partner Barnie’s Place  Feline Rescue will fully take over the Columbia cat cafe. Working with Barnie’s,  Papa’s has adopted out over 700 cats and become a dynamic force in the Columbia community.

At this time, Barnie’s has reached nearly 2/3 of its fundraising goal to keep Papa’s Cat Cafe open. Please consider a donation to support their mission.

There is tremendous support for retaining Mid-Missouri’s first cat cafe. Within 24 hours of the Barnie’s Place Go Fund Me effort, 1/3 of the $30,000 goal was reached. You can also help them get over-the-top by attending their annual Louder for Clowder Fundraiser at the Hallsville Fairgrounds on June 23.

Papas Cat Cafe

Papa’s Cat Cafe

Visit Papa’s Cat Cafe

Papa’s Cat Cafe brings Key West vibes and cat love to the middle of Missouri! Papa’s Ernest Hemingway motif celebrates the author’s famous love of cats with serene, beachy theme. Enjoy creative beverages and home-made desserts in the company of free range kitty cats.

Ernest Hemingway quote on cats

Ernest Hemingway on the power of cats.

You can even visit two widely different cat cafes in one day by heading to Baristocats Cat Cafe, just over thirty minutes away in Jefferson City.  Be sure to also check out these other Missouri cat cafes!

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