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Amazing   Update!

Over a year after being surrendered, Toulouse is now adopted and at home in her new domain! The Center for  Animal  Rescue and  Enrichment (CARE-STL)   announced on July 19:  

 It is  my  pleasure to announce an event I wasn’t sure would happen. Queen Toulouse found a person worthy of her forever attention, and has been adopted!!!! Her adopter understands rescue cats, and that they need time to adjust. A truly special person who understands that affection that takes time and effort to win is indeed worth the wait. All hail Toulouse,long may you reign in your new castle!


Presenting Her Majesty, The Queen.This royal chonk kitty may be just princess of five and a half years old, but we all know she is The Queen. And Queen Toulouse is seeking her people. 

The Queen

Toulouse is available for adoption through the Center for Animal Adoption and Enrichment in St. Louis, Missouri Photo by Meghan White Photography

Meet The Queen

Are you worthy? This is the question Queen Tutu asks with her regal gaze. Toulouse, better known as Queen Tutu,  Queen Tootie,  or simply, the Queen, has been in the care of the Center for Animal Rescue and Enrichment in St. Louis for nearly a year.

She arrived at CARE STL as an owner-surrender on July 6, 2019. Her owner was moving and could not take her. Also, her home had acquired children, and Toulouse is not a fan of kids.   

Chonk Kitty Toulouse

Yes, Queen Tutu is judging you. Look deep into her eyes: are you worthy of this magnificent lady?

The Queen recently enjoyed an extended staycation in the home of a CARE STL friend, where she settled quite comfortably into a plush, quiet life. With the conclusion of the home-stay interlude, everyone’s favorite chonk kitty is back at CARE.

Chonk Kitty

“Kind of a couch potato” is how Queen Tutu’s temporary foster dad fondly describes her.

A favorite of staff and volunteers alike, it is nonetheless past time for Toulouse to have her very own furever human. 

 Recently, Toulouse sat down for an interview for a CARE STL Facebook feature:

How old are you? 5.5 years

What’s your favorite human food? Canned meat (not tuna)

What are you scared of?    Vacuum!!

Favourite toy or thing to play with?    Balled up paper, milk rings. Also a big fan of  ribbons  and string toys!

Favorite cat toy

Toulouse is a big fan of ribbon and string toys!

Favorite things to do?    Sleep, get groomed, sleep

Chonk Kitty Queen Toulouse

One of Toulouse’s favorite pastimes is sleeping!

Least favorite thing?     When they’re cleaning, the humans pass me by too frequently without proper acknowledgment!!

Do you like water?    It is for drinking, nothing else.

Something you get in trouble for?    Sometimes I scratch the carpet by the scratch post but just to push buttons. I know I’m not supposed to.

Where do you sleep?    With you, unless you move too much, then anywhere in the way.

Do you go to a groomer?    They haven’t taken me to one but I enjoy most any grooming at home.

What’s your best trick?   Resting confused face, weighing down furniture. Impersonating a loaf of bread!


Toulouse is not opposed to having her own Instagram account. She’s a star!

Do you like car rides?    I’m less stressed than others in cars but I’m still not a fan.

Do you snore?    Only occasionally when dreaming.

Who are your best friends?   I have quite a fanbase at CARE STL, if I do say so myself.

Finally, are you a good dog?    Dog?? Dog! You must be joking. I am a Queen! Three more pets for your insolence!

 Royal Consort: Queen Toulouse’s Purrfect Person

You are  a refined and no-nonsense human seeking a cat of substance. You seek more than a top-shelf chonk kitty: you  need a cat of high standards. You possess a queen-to-king size bed, that you are willing to share with the Queen. Your domain is free of other pets or pesky children. -Queen Tutu is not fan and, frankly, she is more than enough cat in every way . 

Chonk kitty Queen

Toulouse is a chonk kitty! A substantial cat with a big, warm purrsonality! Photo: CARE STL

Adopt a Chonk Queen!

Adopt a chonk kitty

Queent Tootie’s is just a big lovie! Her temp foster says, “She is not a troublemaker.”

Interested in adopting Queen Toulouse?

  1. Fill out an adoption application with CARE STL and wait for the confirmation/approval email.
  2. Use the link provided in your confirmation email to schedule an appointment to come and meet   the Queen!

Help Toulouse Get Adopted! Please Share Her Story!


  1. I hope that Queen Tutu gets a kingdom of her own soon! She is absolutely adorable. There is a lot of love in those eyes. Sounds like she will be a fun kitty to play with and snuggle with. 🙂

  2. She is absolutely precious. I fell in love with her the second I looked at that adorable face and can see why she has so many fans! I’m sure that the perfect forever family is out there just waiting to shower her with all the love and affection that she deserves!

  3. Lol! This is the best cat description I have seen in a long time. I hope Queen Tutu finds her forever home soon. She seems like she would be the perfect companion for someone who works from home.

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