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Northeast Wisconsin has their very own cat cafe! The Pawffee Shop Cat Cafe is now open in Grand Chute, which is about thirty miles southwest of Green Bay. Pawffee Shop’s tagline says it all: Cats, Coffee, Comfort. How is that for life goals? We love it!

Pawffee Shop Cat Cafe

Pawffee Shop is the brainchild of Leah Enking and Elizabeth Feldhausen, who is also the founder of Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay. If Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary rings a bell, you may recall the delightful viral story of the shelter volunteer who naps with the cats. The Pawfee Shop fosters Safe Haven cats from nearby Green Bay, extending the adoptable pool of pet parents to the Fox Valley area.

The Pawffee Shop is the natural extension of the area’s Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary. The Green Bay sanctuary stops just short of being a full on cat cafe. In fact, we’re a little torn as to whether we should put them on the cat cafe map. They have comfy seating, serve cold drinks, and let people to bring in their own drinks.  Folks come in to hang out with the cats, even nap. Make a donation and you even get free wi-fi. In an interview with Community Cats Podcast, Elizabeth Feldhausen remarked,

“You would think that there would be nose prints all over the windows, but it’s actually people face prints! Everybody that walks by presses their face up against the glass, and the cats love it.”


The Pawffee Shop is set in a super convenient location near the Fox River Mall and the Timbler Rattlers Stadium. No doubt they quickly become a popular hangout and study spot for nearby Fox Valley Technical College students.

Why We’re Thrilled About The Pawffee Shop

In short, Pawfee Shop is everything a cat cafe should dream of being. A true community hub of cat centric activity, with a side of coffee and treats. It is ever-evolving to meet the interests of their community, which includes a calendar of fun events.

With rising costs pushing cat cafe entry fees higher, Pawffee Shop has taken a different approach:  any purchase OR a donation gains you a visit with the kitties! Even better -you can do both!

  • Top notch adoptable  kitty kats!

  • Full service coffee bar with selections from Wisconsin’s favorite local roasts.

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    Destined to be a community hub with lots of pawsome events like cat yoga!

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    Sustainable, green options like re-usable coffee mugs!


  1. I saw the article about your Kitty Café and it sounds Purrfect!!! I live in Illinois but I would love to support you! Do you have a website where I could purchase some of your coffee mugs, etc?

    The next time we are on our way to see the Packers we will be stopping in!


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