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It’s your cat’s birthday! Or maybe your friend’s cat’s birthday. And you need the best cat birthday gift. Ever. We have your covered.

Cats, being discerning consumers, are not easy creatures to find well received gifts for.  And, they will punish you for not attending to their desires.  So, without further ado, we present the following suggestions for Cat birthday loot.

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

Cats have a lot of energy, and this wheel allows them to use it up without destroying your drapes.

Drapes are much less expensive than replacing your cat owner nerves.  Even better, save the drapes and love your kitty more!

Available on Amazon.

PetSafe Automatic 6 Meal Pet Feeder

This feeder can dispense individual meals, either once per day for 6 days, or 6 meals over a two day period.   Nutrition is important for cats, and some cats are prone to over eating, which is unhealthy.  Dispensing the correct portion size can help keep your kitty trim for a happy life.  Also, long trips and starving cats are an issue for working commuters!  This keeps the kitties in chow and ready for purr time when you arrive. Your lap is more important than food to the cat, but your lap will take less holes from sharp claws.

The Ultimate Catnip Cat Kicker Refillable Toy

Cats, at their core being, are predators.  For their own safety, and the safety of birds and squirrels everywhere, we have to keep our furry buddies indoors.   This Catnip Toy not only will send your cat into paroxysms of joy, but also is a perfect size for them to play attack and work out some of that kitty energy.  Also, your cat will be hilarious while doing so.

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