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Finals stress got you, like OMG!

Finals Stress

Or maybe a little like Arrrrgh!

Finals Stress

You clearly need a break from finals stress. But you also have mountains of work to get done. What to do?


We got you! Let’s see, we’re going to need caffeine. All the caffeine.

Cat and Coffee

Add sugar. Trust us, a little sugar and carb boost is practically a health food during finals. Ok, we made that part up. But a little comfort food is just what the professor would order, especially when served up in festive feline form.

Cat Cookies

Purr Therapy: The Positive Power of Cats

And cats. Why cats? Because everything is better with cats, naturally. And there is actual research that says spending time with cats has a positive effect on your health and well being. Pet people intuitively know that pets improve their lives. Now a growing body of research supports the axiom that companion pets are in fact good for us and help fight the toxic effects of stress.

Let’s call it: Purr Therapy. Research shows that petting a cat helps your body reduce the stress hormone cortisol almost immediately. One study out of the University of Minnesota, published in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology, found that having a cat may reduce your chance of a stroke or heart attack by one third. Dr. Adnan Qureshi, lead researcher on the study, links cardiovascular health to psychological stress, and suggests that cats help reduce the stress and anxiety that cause high blood pressure and heart problems. It’s science.


The healing power of cat purrs

Cat Cafes: The Ultimate Finals Stress Buster

So where can you go to find coffee, treats, and cats? If you’re super lucky, your own kitchen. Or you can visit a cat cafe. What is this strange wonder, a cat cafe? For the uninitiated, a cat cafe is magical place where you hang out with cats. Each cafe has it’s own enchanting interpretation, but the essential ingredient is cats. The menu of beverages and treats varies, from upscale to prepackaged, gourmet lattes to Keurig pods. Trust us when we say: you want to go here.

Purr Therapy for Finals Stress

La Gattera/Instagram

Something quite extraordinary happens when you go to a cat cafe. Cat cafes are happy places. Almost immediately, you’ll forget the world outside. Soon, you’ve made a fast feline friend or three. Like magic, your stress is simply gone. And you don’t have to wait for finals stress before heading to your local cat cafe. A study sesh with cats is always an A+ idea.

 Finals Stress


Study with Cats

So you’ve been holed up in the library and glued to the screen for hours, just go to a cat cafe already. Take a restorative little break, or stay and study with cats. Go for the coffee and free wifi, stay for the new study buddy.

Study Buddy

Find a Cat Cafe, Now

Whereever you are, know that every single cat cafe is the perfect place to lighten finals stress. Find a cat cafe near you  on our interactive map. We 100% guarantee that you will immediately feel better about everything in your life, including the academic stress monster. Some lucky students even have a cat cafe located within walking distance of college campuses. Many cat cafes offer special deals to students during finals or welcome them with discounts all year long.

Here’s our super-duper, updated list of cat cafes ready to help your student survive finals. Updated December 2019.


Gatos and Beans in Birmingham is ready for you, students! They welcome the students from the seven area colleges (and beyond) with a 20% discount every day. Shoot, as the first and only cat cafe in Alabama, the whole academic sanity of the state may rest with their capable kitties.


Purr Catfe in Fayetteville, Arkansas is within walking distance of the University of Arkansas. Purr Catfe is ideally suited for students with an $8 single-entry fee for unlimited hours. In other words, pay your moneys and come study with kitties!


University of Arizona finals

El Jefe Cat Lounge in Phoenix -close to the University of Arizona campus- is offering 50% off to Wildcat students on Dead Day 12/12 (11 am-8 pm).

La Gattara in Tempe, Arizona is within walking distance of Arizona State University


Cat Therapy Because going to college in the paradise that is Santa Barbara is made perfect with cats, Cat Therapy is offering students a three hour study deal for just $15. Purradise found!


Mew Haven Cat Cafe in New Haven, Connecticut is located less than a mile from Southern Connecticut University and under three miles from Yale University. Always a student hot-spot, Mew Haven is currently offering a crazy good study all day study package  for only $28. This is seven hours of study time with cats and unlimited drip coffee. Gold star to you, Mew Haven.


Tally Cat Cafe in Tallahassee, Florida is close to Florida State University. During finals week, anyone with a valid student id can enter for just $5. They have your back, scholars!


Karma Kat Cafe in Mount Pleasant is welcoming students from Central Michigan University (under a mile away) and other local colleges with a special $5 entry through Friday 12/13.

K'zoo Cat Cafe

K’zoo Cat Cafe/Facebook

K’zoo Cat Cafe in Kalamazoo, Michigan serves Western Michigan University and a number of area colleges. *$5 special for WMU students ALL WEEK, all day, during finals week starting December 8.*  And don’t forget that every Tuesday night is $5 Textbook Tuesday for Kalamazoo College, Kellogg Community College, and Kalamazoo Valley Community College students (with valid ID)   *** MUST MENTION EVENT PRIOR TO PAYMENT BEING MADE, student discount is NOT automatically given, refunds will not be available after payment ***


Papa’s Cat Cafe in Columbia, Missouri is close to several campuses: Columbia College, Stephens College, and the University of Missouri. **Stay Tuned! Papa’s will announce their Finals special when we get closer to Finals in Columbia.**


Gem City Catfe in Dayton, Ohio is a student hot spot all year round. Gem City Catfe serves students from Wright State University, Sinclair Community College, the University of Dayton, and more. Offering more open work space than any other cat cafe in the country, Gem City is a favorite study spot all year round. They host a regular study night where students with a valid ID can drop in to spread out upstairs with free WIFI, coffees, and pizza. They also get a 5 minute study break WITH CATS every hour!


Catfeine Cat Cafe in Murfreesboro is helping local students ace finals with a special student study pass available thru 12/13/19. The pass serves up 2 hours of access to the cat lounge for only $15 plus tax, and includes one free hot coffee and free wi-fi. Available Wednesday-Thursday-Friday.


Sip and Purr Cat Cafe in Milwaukee is a leader in catering to students.  It is within walking distance to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and has easy access from Marquette University, Milwaukee Area Technical College, and other Milwaukee schools. Every single day of the year, Sip and Purr offers $5 walk-ins to the Cat Lounge with a valid college ID!


Catnip Cat Cafe in Norfolk extends a generous 20% discount for students. This high math gives an hour of kitties for a very reasonable $8. Or you can book the Student All Day Pass for $20. Very good news for students at the ten colleges within ten miles of Norfolk.

Did we miss cat cafe just perfect for students? Please let us know!

Spotted in the wild: the rare and elusive Study Cat! Here to help you get thru Finals!

Study Cat

Credit: Bohbot9000

Give the Gift of Cats

Santa Cat

How about giving the student in your life the gift of cats? Set your student up for happiness and success in the new year with a gift certificate to a cat cafe! Find a cat cafe convenient to your student on our map and directory. Most cafes having flexible offerings, running from $10 and up. An increasing number of cat cafes are offering membership options. We especially like this Student Pass offering from Kittens and Cups in Annapolis, Maryland.

There is also a lot of unique cat swag available at cat cafes, sure to delight any cat lover on your list. Many cafes have online stores so you can shop right from home. And because U.S. cat cafes partner with rescue organizations to place homeless cats, your purchases are also ultimately helping rescue more cats.

DIY Finals Stress Buster: Watch Cat Videos

What if you don’t have a cat cafe near you to melt your stress away? Good news! Watching cat videos will actually boost your energy and positive emotions, and lessen negative feelings. So says a study by Indiana University researchers. That’s right: watching cat videos online actually improves your  mood. The research suggests that internet cats may actually be a form of pet therapy. Try it!


Don’t you feel better already?

We wish all students the very best of success in finals, and the coming new year!


    • Right?! There are actually two cat cafes in Seattle: Neko and Meowtropolitan. Know you can use the search on our homepage to find a cat cafe near you-either in our Cat Cafe Guide or on the Cat cafe map!

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