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If Wes Anderson made a cat cafe, it would probably be Mèo Maison. Here’s the story. There’s a girl, Lauren Luu, who is crazy about cats. But she and her whole family are allergic to cats so she never has one of her own. Lauren grows up and partners with a friend to open a cafe, Cafe Con Bagel. When the space next to the cafe becomes available, Lauren knows exactly what she must do: open a cat cafe.

Her dream of having her own cat expands to having her very own cat cafe. The miracle of modern HVAC systems frees the girl allergic to cats to enjoy a cafe full of cats. She’s never visited a cat cafe. Never owned a cat. From the dream, she knows exactly how it should look and feel, and she partners with cat experts to make it happen. In November 2023, Lauren Luu opens a new Georgetown cat cafe,  Mèo Maison. What a great story!

They have us at Mèo! Meo Maison is a new Georgetown cat cafe that is utterly unique and charming in every way. From the vision and story of owner Lauren Luu to the dreamy setting  and vibrant Georgetown location, Mèo Maison is your new must-visit cat cafe. 

Lady with cat

Mèo Maison is the brainchild of Lauren Luu, who always loved cats didn’t own one of her own before opening her own cat cafe.

The Mèo Vibe: Lighthearted Calm

Much like watching a Wes Anderson film, entering Georgetown’s new cat cafe is a mood-altering experience.

Grand Hotel Budapest

Fans of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Hotel Budepest will feel right at home with Mèo Maison’s palette of pastels and whimsical decor.

With its palette of muted pastel blues and pinks, Mèo Maison evokes the aesthetic of Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. Guests enter a welcoming world of calm and comfort, with cats. Touches of humor and whimsy accent the cafe decor, completing the happy effect.

White cat with pastel blue wall

Straight out of a movie! Top kitty cats from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue are available for adoption or just to visit.

The happy mood also inspires the Mèo cats. Visitors regularly comment on how calm and happy the cats are. One recent reviewer writes:

Mèo Maison is the happiest cat café I’ve been to in the world – and I’ve literally been to dozens.  You can tell that the cats are genuinely happy and thriving here: they’re cuddly, relaxed, and just enjoying their lives.

Like the kitties, you don’t have to be a Wes Anderson fan to catch the vibe. Mèo is the purrfect spot for visiting, co-working, or even napping. Lauren Luu reports that it is a favorite hang-out for local Georgetown University students, who you’ll often spot napping with the kitties,

Brown and white cat

Meo Maison partners with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. All the kitties are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on their health needs & ready for a fur-ever home of their own.

A Top Spot to Visit or Adopt Cats

At Mèo Maison, cats are the star! Mèo partners with the superb Lucky Dog Animal Rescue of Arlington, Virginia. While the cat lounge is able to accomodate 15 to 20 cats at a time,  presently you can expect to mingle with 8-12 cats. This is because Mèo kitties are very popular and enjoy a tremendous adoption pace. Since opening mid-November 2023, 43 rescue kitties have found their furrever homes! Mèo, averages anywhere from 2 to 10 adoptions a week. The exceptional adoption success can be fully credited to the genial ambience of Mèo, which sets the scene for making a purrfect match. If you’re looking to adopt a cat in the D.C. area,  make  a visit to Mèo Maison.

Black Cat

Mèo Maison. is a top destination in the D.C. area to visit or adopt cats.

Secret Window to Coffee & Cafe Treats

Would you like a Catpuccino with your cat lounge visit? Maybe a Tail Twitching Green Tea? These delights and more are available, along with sweet and savory empanadas. Don’t miss a minute with the kitties: place your order through the window that opens to Cafe Con Bagel next door.

Cat Lounge Interior

Can you spot the secret window? In a touch of pure whimsy, the window opens to Cafe Con Bagel next door, where you may place your beverage and snack orders.

Lo-CAT-ion: Heart of Georgetown

Mèo Masion has a fabulous loCATion in the heart of Georgetown, steps from the iconic Georgetown Theater neon sign. It’s easy to make Mèo a part of  each and every visit to this highly walkable neighborhood near the intersection of Wisconsing and M Street. There is lots of great shopping and dining within walking distance of Mèo Maison, including the popular Blue Bottle Coffee and the new French cafe, Maman. You can also stroll to the Potomac River and the Georgetown Waterfront Park. Georgetown University is located about a half mile, or ten minute walk, from Mèo, 

Mèo Maison is the second cat cafe in the District of Columbia and the sixth in the D.C. area. There are now over two hundred cat cafes in the United States.

Mèo Maison
1336 Wisconsin Avenue N.W.
Washington D.C.

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