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UPDATE October 2023:  The Cat’s Meow Cafe in Miami is Permanently Closed

As of October 2023, The Cat’s Meow Cafe of Miami is permanently closed. They opened their doors just a week before the shutdown in 2020,  survived the pandemic, and – most notably- went on to find loving homes for over 700 cats. What a wonderful run! Happy tails and trails to the Cat’s Meow team!

Cat’s Meow Cafe Opening Soon

**Happening Meow: The Cat’s Meow Cafe Kickstarter is live! Let’s do this, Miami!**

Cat's Meow Cafe

The MIA has a cat cafe!  The Cat’s Meow Café   is the very first Miami cat cafe. As of November 2018, the lease is signed, zoning is approved, and it’s all cats on GO for a 2019 opening in the cool MiMo district. Opening a cat cafe is no small challenge, and we take our sunglasses off to salute Elizabeth Gallardo for bringing us a Miami cat cafe!

A Kickstarter campaign is starting soon for the final push toward opening. In the meantime, be sure to follow the Cat’s Meow on Facebook and Instagram.

The Cat’s Meow Café is on a mission is to re-home at-risk cats that are pulled from kill shelters. They aim to create an ambiance of relaxation and comfort for the cats, while offering an alternative way to foster positive interactions with cats beyond how shelters are able to showcase them in kennels.  The Cat’s Meow Café is also planning special delights for their human visitors: they have partnered with local favorite Pedestal Creative Dessert Company to create a cat themed menu that will include gluten free and vegan options.

Cat's Meow Cafe

Pet Therapy and Education Services

Cat's Meow Cafe offers Pet Therapy

The Cat’s Meow Cafe is unique in their plan to offer pet therapy and education services. Specifically, they will be focusing on children with special needs, and especially autism. The sessions will be taught by licensed therapists and certified teachers.

Florida Cat Cafes

Florida currently has five cat cafes:  The Orlando Cat Cafe, The Good Luck Cat CafeThe Fat Cat Cafe, and Tally Cat Cafe, and a new Miami cat cafe, Cat Cafe South Beach As with cat cafes around the world, Florida cafe’s offer a variety of approaches to the cafe concept. From the Good Luck Cat Cafe in Wilton Manor that is nestled in the back of a thrift store, to the sleek comfort of the Orlando Cafe, Florida is showing great creativity in cat cafes. We can’t wait for the new Miami cat cafe, Cat’s Meow Cafe!

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