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This New Orleans Cat Cafe is a Cat Club!

What could be better than a cat cafe? A cat club! Ever dreamed of having your own club house where all the cool cats could hang out? Come on down to the Crescent City Cat Club! This New Orleans cat cafe is not really a cafe, but a full-stop cat experience. 

New Orleans Cat Cafe

Come on in!

You’ll find your little piece of feline heaven in the vibrant Faubourg Marigny district, steps away from many restaurants and within walking distance to the French Quarter. You’re at the right place when you spot Zac the Greeter Cat perched in front of a bright-hued house.

Zac the Greeter Cat at Crescent City Cat Club

Hey now! Come on in and hang with the kitties, says Zac the Greeter Cat at Crescent City Cat Club

Come See Da Cats in Da Club

The classic double shotgun house is thoughtfully renovated for the maximum comfort of cats and their people. Partnering with the Jefferson  Parish Animal Shelter, the Crescent City Cat Club has up to twenty cats available to visit and even adopt. More cat club than cat cafe, the Crescent City Cat Club is a joyful celebration of cats and community. Owner Eshya Selig took inspiration from the murals at Cat Town in Oakland, California to commission local artist Zac Maras for a New Orleans themed murals.

Crescent City Cat Club Mural

Top cat model with mural by Zac Maras

If you ever find yourself on Jeopardy faced with the question, “Name the only cat cafe with their own Cat Mobile,” your winning answer is: Crescent City Cat Club! After falling in love with the Club’s new murals, Eshyah Selig immediately commissioned Zac Maras to trick out her Toyota Highlander -purchased specifically for the purpose- into a Cat Mobile. Meet Simone, the Crescent City Cat Club Cat Mobile. And yes, you’ll spot Simone cruising around town bringing good cheer and the joy of cats.

Cat Mobile

Cute Cat

A Cat Club is a Cat Cafe Without Food!

If you would like refreshments, grab something from Robert’s Fresh Market across the street or one of the several restaurants nearby. Bring  your coffee or daiquiri, or even a bottle of wine to share with your friends. Enjoy!

Laissez Bon Temps Roulez at the Cat Club

The good times are always rolling at Crescent City Cat Club. Here is the happy, relaxing venue you hope to find in the Big Easy. First, super friendly cats (and staff) will greet you in the colorful lounge, maybe with a zydeco soundtrack.  Next, you can lounge away the hours in true local style in the catio-courtyard. The kitties love being outside, and especially enjoy watching the world go by through cat-level holes in the fence.

New Orleans Cat Cafe

Cats watch the world go by from their catio-courtyard!

Probably no other cat cafe steps to the beat of its neighborhood more fully than Crescent City Cat Club. Where else can you join a Krewe of Crazy Cat Ladies (and Gentlemen)? Take to the streets and march behind a Cat Mobile named Simone? Here! Saints watch party? Jazz jam? The Cat Club! Or maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch a couple of cat loving musicians pop in to make a little music, with cats. Check out #JonandSuzie doing the Stray Cat Strut at the Club:

Kittens! Kittens! Kittens!

Crescent City Cat Club Kitten Room

Fancy kittens? Visit Crescent City’s Kitten Room -a whole room just for fluffy little fur babies! There you’ll meet at least one kitten on any given day, and many more during kitten season. Like all the cats at The Club, the kittens are available for adoption. The Crescent City adoption experience is enjoyable and relaxing for the whole family -fur baby included.

Crescent City Cat Club Kitten

Lagniappe: Stay in the Guest Cottage

For the full New Orleans cat lover experience, book a few nights at the Crescent City Cat Club guest cottage. Whaaaa? Stay at The Club? Yup, across the shared courtyard catio is a charming Guest Cottage.

The separate one bedroom cottage sleeps two and let’s you live like a local, with cats. Entry to the Cat Club is included with your stay, and you can even “check out” a cat or three to spend the night. Book directly through the Club or on VRBO. And you’ll sleep well knowing that all the proceeds of your stay support the cats!

So now you’ll score more Jeopardy points knowing that the Club is the only cat cafe where you can spend the night! Lagniappe -a little extra- in true Crescent City cat style.

Cute Cat
Cute Cat

Amazing Cats & a Kitten Room!

Highly social, top notch kitties and a special kitten room!

Book a Stay in Guest Cottage!

The only cat cafe in the country with a Guest Cottage onsite!
New Orleans Experience
New Orleans Experience

The Best of New Orleans, with Cats!

Top New Orleans experience for cat lovers!
Simone the Catmoble
Simone the Catmoble

Meet the Cat Mobile named Simone! That's right: a real cat car!


  1. OMG I might need to make a pilgrimage here! I don’t know which is better, the kitten room or the fact that you can check out a cat to hang out with overnight! Sooo cute!

  2. Oh my gosh, this looks amazing! I am a cat lover, but due to allergies we can only have one cat at a time. I love that they even have cat-level holes in the fence for them to look through.

  3. I’ve never seen a place like this. I know some cat lovers who would absolutely love this. Unfortunately, allergies to cats might keep me away. One cat I’m ok with but any more and it would be me and waterworks everywhere.

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