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Ahhhh the weird and wonderful world of  internet cats. If you have any doubt the internet is made of cats, check your Instagram feed. You may already follow every imaginable fabulous feline across town and around the world. From the cross-eyed St. Louis rescue cat named Wild Thing Monty, to the big-headed handsome Valdasso in Lithuania, our daily dose of Instagram cats makes the world a better place. But funny cats rule the internets!

And there’s always room for more Instacats. Especially when they are ridiculous, delightful, and utterly absurd. Make sure you have these three funny cats (and cat people) in your daily funny cat medicine.

Goodbye Dog Whisperer, Hello Cat RapperMoShow the Cat Rapper

As the kids say, this feed is lit! You read it right: cat rapper. Or rather, a rapper who raps about cats?  Moshow is a Portland-based artist who raps, along with his three beloved Sphinx cats and a Devon Rex named Ravioli, about cats. Not a rap fan? Not a problem. If you love cats, you’ll love Moshow.

See, the secret about MoShow the cat rapper is that he loves people! Sure, Moshow has wild and probably beyond reasonable devotion to cats. But Moshow is equally passionate about people, or at least cat people. He has a particular affection for his beloved cat ladies. Moshow’s joie de vivre and generous spirit are so infectious that he reportedly wins over even, uh, non-pet people.

MoShow has shared his kitty passion and talent to help kitty causes and other community organizations. In December, MoShow teamed up with the Oregon Humane Society to promote cat adoptions, inspiring 150 adoptions within days.

Moshow, or Dwayne Molock in non-cat circles and #CatGod to fans, continues to partner with the Humane Society and champion community organizations like the Multnomah Public Library, where he is helping to promote summer reading. What could be more irresistible than a library card-carrying cat guy who uses his powers for good?

So come to Moshow’s Instagram for the cats, but stay for the people and community. Along with genuine talent, Moshow’s infectious goodwill and humor will immediately make your life better. If you’re not on Instagram, you can find MoShow on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, where he has nearly 100k followers.

Swipe Right for Tinder Cats

It’s not what you think. Sure, you’re thinking a hook up site for cats, or cat matching app. Nope, it’s way better. Tinder Cats is the ridiculous collision of online dating and cat people And it’s pretty hilarious. Basically, Tinder.Cats shares the profile pictures of people and their cats posted to online dating sites, including Tinder. And ladies, there are quite a lot of guys promoting their love of cats on Tinder.

Submitted by @what_sinsideagirl. #catsoftinder #catsofinstagram #catlady

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#catsoftinder #catsofinstagram #menwholovecats #carcat #blackcat #catscarf #scruff

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Predictably, there are many cute, sincere, even heartwarming profiles. Then there are the sexy sexy pictures, all with cats of course. There’s also a lot of lounging about in bed with snoozy cats. There are the over-the-top pics where everyone seems to be in on shared the joke of over-the-top kitty love.

Submitted by @what_sinsideagirl. #catsoftinder #catsofinstagram #blackcat #menwholovecats

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And then there are the truly baffling images, and a handful of creepsters. And this:

Submitted by @daryenru. #catsoftinder #catsofinstagram #menwholovecats #mirrorselfie #nude

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A+ in Internetting

Tinder Cats was started by a PhD student of Communications as a project to learn the Instagram platform. Go to the head of the class, Dr. Tinder Cat! Inspiration for the Instagram feed came at the urging of friends with whom the Tinder Cats creator would endlessly show cat photos found on Tinder. Apparently most people featured are good sports, with only a single grumpy cat girl requesting her picture be removed. We think the future is bright for soon to be minted Dr. Tinder Cat!

Show Me the $$ Cats!

Don’t let being late to the party spoil your enjoyment of Cash Cats, which has been “about dat lyfe” since 2011. All the more cash cats to enjoy.

Cash Cats is a send up of the thug life and the trappings of power and wealth. Cats inexplicably pose with large amounts of cash, and sometimes booze, jewels, paintings and such. The cats definitely assume an attitude when surrounded by lots of cash money (don’t we all?). Not just a domestic phenomenon, Cash Cats collects international cats with Euros and other money, as well as the universal currency of Monopoly money.

i need it all right meow #cashcats

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still countin money on em @shrampton #cashcats

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have fun at work or whatever #cashcats @tychokitty

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So make your life better with more funny internet cat stuff. Seriously, research shows that unlike a lot of social media use that has been linked to depression, viewing cat videos online has been shown to actually improve your mood and make you more productive! It’s science! A study from Indiana University shows watching cat videos online boosts energy and positive emotions, while decreasing negative feelings. Duh! So watch away, and share share share those cats to help make the world a better place, one cat post at a time.

That Cat Life is sometimes funny, or at least trips across funny cats in this cat life, so please give us an Instagram follow! And know I’d love care for your funny cat when you can’t be there!

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