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Knead CATffeine

Seat taken! We know you want to sit in this rattan egg chair and look out at the San Bernadino mountains. Don’t worry, a kitty will happily sit in your lap.

**Coronavirus Update!**

Wooohooo! Or is it Me-owww! Cat Cafe Rescue has reopened from the coronavirus lockdown as of May 15th! Online reservations required! Did we say there are kittens? There are kittens!

Cat Cafe Rescue

Come visit the kittens! These babies won’t be available for adoption for a couple months, but you can visit them now! It is kitten season! Cat Cafe Rescue/FB

Need caffeine? A dollop of cats? Then you need to head to one of California’s newest cat cafes, Cat Cafe Rescue. Oh yeah, we need all the cats and all the caffeine! Cat Cafe Rescue has all the best things in life! Note: Cat Cafe Rescue was formerly known as Knead CATffeine.

  • Cute Cat

    Top-Notch Cats

    Stay and play as long as you like with adoptable cats from Priceless Pet Rescue

  • Knead CATffeine

    Charming Space

    Charming space to visit with friends, work, study or just relax

  • Cats and coffee

    Caffeine & Caffeine Free Drinks!

    Knead CATffeine offers a selection of drinks, or you can bring your own

Why We Love Cat Cafe Rescue

Unlimited Cat Time!

Unlimited time with cats! Stay a little or stay all day for a single reasonable fee. Your best value cat cafe experience!

Easy Parking, Accessible Space

Easy, abundant parking and accessible for those with limited mobility.

Special Events!

Plan your birthday party, team meeting, or other special event -with cats!

Cheery Space!

Highly Instagram-able with top model kitty cats. Awesome selfie-wall, rattan basket chair & other thoughtful designs with a great view!

Study & Co-Work Space

Perfect place to hit the books or get some work done. Free wi-fi and ample comfy seating options.
Knead CATffeine Private Events

Knead CATffeine is a top spot for private parties and events. Comes with cats! Knead CaTffeine/FB

Party Animals:  Have Your Party At  Cat Cafe Rescue

Are you in charge of the company Christmas party? How about your mom’s birthday?  Maybe you need a space for an engagement party?  Cat Cafe Rescue is your place. Reserve the entire cafe for your private event, complete with kitty kats. Now that is our kind of party!

LoCATion: Chino Hills Cat Cafe

Find this little oasis in Chino Hills, which is in the the southwest corner of San Bernadino county. Cat Cafe Rescue is part of the trend that finds cat cafes popping up well outside major cities.We predict Chino Hills’ already high livability ranking will rocket even higher now they have their very own cat cafe! Located in the Gateway Village Shopping Center on the west side of the 71 Freeway, Knead CATffeine has easy access and ample parking.

Find Cat Cafe Rescue

California Cat Cafes
California has got catitude! And the cat cafes to prove it. The state have more cat cafes than any other in the country. Way more. The California cat cafe count is now firmly in the double digits. How many can you visit?

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