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Cat dads, we know you’re out there. To your neighbors and coworkers, you’re just a regular guy with cats. But we know you’re a Cat Dad. Maybe even a Cat Daddy. Sure, everyone loves a Cat Mom, but isn’t it time for the Cat Dad to have his day? This Father’s Day is the purrrfect day to honor our hardworking cat fathers taking care of business for the kitties.

Rise of the Cat Dad

Cat Dad

If you have a sense that there are more cat dads out there, you are correct. The statistics back up your feline intuition. You’re hearing it first: Rise of the Cat Dad! The numbers tell the tale:

  • In the U.S., more men have cats than women! In a 2016 GFK study looking at the U.S. pet owning population, 40% of men own cats vs. 38%  of women.
  • In the UK, a steady rise in overall cat ownership is being driven by more men owning cats. So says a recent study by the Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association (PFMA) which shows that 1 in 5 UK men now own cats!
  • Globally, more women still own cats than men. But not by much. The same GFK study on pet ownership across 22 countries shows a gap of just 3% between the sexes in the type of pet they choose. 25% of women pet owners have cats, while a close 23% of pet owning men own cats.
  • Millennial cat dads between 18-34 yo are outpacing cat ladies, with one study showing 48 percent had cats, vs 35 percent of woman.
  • Men spend more $$! Men are 1.5 times more likely to spend over $100 per month on their pet, they also spend $20 dollars more per month than women. More treatsies!

None of this is a big surprise for us cat people, but we like it!

Cat Dad

Men Who Love Cats

Let’s be clear: men have always loved cats. While Cat Moms seem to get all the press and swag, cat dads are just out there quietly being cat guys. World leaders, titans of business, artists, and regular guys are just as likely to be cat people as dog people (and it’s more than fine to be both). Not surprisingly, some of our favorite men who love cats are artists. Is it the heart or the intellect?


Mark Twain

When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.”

Mark Twain and kitten


Pablo Picasso

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.


Picasso and cat.

Johnny Cash

“Flesh and blood needs flesh and blood, and you’re the one I need.” Johnny Cash and Cat

Goodbye, Great Cat Daddy Karl Lagerfeld

This year we lost one of the great cat daddies of them all, fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. Over the years, the  world well beyond haute-couture has come to know Lagerfeld’s beloved cat, Choupette.

Choupette is in fact a genuine celebrity herself, with fashion shoots, magazine cover, her own book, and nearly three hundred thousand Instagram followers. Her Instagrambio reads:

I’m Daddy @KarlLagerfeld’s spoiled @chanelofficial & @fendi pussy whose maids pamper

Choupette inspired Daddy Karl to launch several collections, including Monster Choupette and Choupette Love Collection. Any Choupette item would be sure to delight any cat lover and we can surely thank this most favored kitty cat for much of the cat style we see on streets around the world.

A Very Lucky Kitty

Karl Lagerfield and Choupette

Photo: Choupettesdiary

Sadly, Daddy Karl passed away in February of 2019 at the age of eighty-five. But great loves don’t end. A great cat dad to the end and beyond, Lagerfeld left Mademoiselle Choupette very comfortably well-off, with a fortune estimated to upwards of $195 million. Choupette has at least temporarily retreated from her public life and we presume she’s living the life her cat dad dreamed for her.


Photo: Choupettesdiary

Step aside Cat Moms, Here Come the Cat Dads

Do you know the old joke where the lady says to the cat, “Go to Daddy.” And the husband replies, “I’m not that cat’s daddy!” We’re still laughing! Yesterday’s cat guy is today’s cat dad. While celebrity cat moms like Taylor Swift are well known for their love of cats, today’s celebrity men now share their cat love freely. Ed Sheeran is a leading young cat dad who has even been credited as inspiring the whole generation of millennial cat fathers!  He won our hearts with this visit to a cat cafe:

While John Mayer’s cat status is not known, he certainly has cat dad potential and great cat style.


View this post on Instagram


When we couldn’t love JM more, he wears this. #catpeople #catwear #johnmayer #cats

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It’s not just a thing, it’s a movement! Men have not just embraced the role, but the moniker. And the gift of social media gives us a window into the depths of their devotion. Some have even monetized their cat love, like MoShow The Cat Rapper. Find more cat dads using the obvious hashtags or just check out our personal obsession: Cat Dads Worldwide. Cat Dad

Cat Dad

Cat Dads

Cat Dad

Happy Dad Day to All the Cat Dads!

Extra Treatsies for All!


  1. My husband is definitely a cat man! He calls himself our cats’ “daddy” as well. I love how he interacts with our cats. It’s fun to see all of the celebrity cat dads out there too. 🙂

  2. I love the recent trend in young guys having their yearbook photos taken with their cats. I think I saw something recently about a high schooler who took his cat to the prom!

  3. Had to update my response! My neighbor is a cat dad! He built a screened in cat condo that talks up his entire balcony of a downtown Seattle condo! He did this after I showed him your post in June!

  4. My nephew is a cat dad and loves it. But he’s the only one in our family, the rest of us are dog people. I think cat dads just don’t make it very obvious like cat (and dog) mom’s do. Loved the video on Choupette and all the great photos – where did you find them, especially Mark Twain with a cat?

  5. It is so much fun to see cats getting to do some of the activities that used to be reserved for dogs, like going for walks and other adventures with their humans. All of my kids really loved our cat. I can picture my sons becoming cat dads.

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