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Top Picks: Cat Events This Weekend

TGIF, cat people! It’s the weekend. Time for cat naps and Caturday. If you’re looking for cat action this weekend, look no further than this week’s Cat Event Calendar.

Empty the Shelters, Michigan!

Have you ever had a crazy dream where all the animal shelters were empty? Where all the pets found their loving forever home? What if it wasn’t a dream. What if we could really EMPTY THE SHELTERS! That is the vision of Cathy Bissell and her BISSELL Pet Foundation (BPF), who have created free adoption days to help shelters find every single pet a loving permanent home.Empty the Shelters -Michigan

October 14th is the day Michigan will EMPTY THE SHELTERS! This will be the BISSELL Pet Foundation’s biggest EMPTY THE SHELTERS day yet, sponsoring free cat and dog adoptions at over seventy five shelters and rescue organizations across the state. BPF is picking up the adoption fee tab, and adopters will pay only the license fee, which varies by county and runs $7 – $12. BPF will also send the happy pets home with a collar for cats, a leash for dogs, wellness information, and coupons. Michigan, if you’ve been thinking about adopting a pet, Saturday is your day!

Divine Felines: Cats of Ancient Egypt

Divine Felines: Cats of Ancient EgyptCat worship is no modern phenomenon. The god-like status many cats enjoy in our homes was in fact reality in ancient Egypt. Cats played an important role in everyday life and were regarded as closely related to gods and goddesses, if not demi-gods. A new exhibit opens at the Smithsonian Institute on Saturday featuring extraordinary objects exploring the role of  cats in the political, spiritual, and everyday lives of ancient Egypt. The exhibit runs through January 15 and is must for cat-lovers visiting the Smithsonian!

First Caturday in San Francisco

First Caturday in Delores Park

Oh yeah, it’s Caturday! Caturday is of course your day to celebrate cats in any way you wish, from posting cat pictures online to just petting the cat. First Caturday are the public gatherings of people and cats that typically happens on the first Saturday of the month; hence, First Caturday. Because of Fleet Week, San Francisco’s First Caturday was pushed to this week. Saturday, October 14, 1:30 pm, Dolores Park in San Francisco.

The Great Catsby’s Caterversary Party

The Great Catsby

Come to his Party! Photo: Gallery Bookshop/Facebook

Who can resist a bookstore cat?  Mendocino, California’s Gallery Bookshop very is throwing a Caterversary Party to celebrate five years with their bookstore cat, The Great Catsby. Catsby is in fact so great that he is even featured in a book about bookstore cats. Stop by for snacks, crafts,  and other cat-themed festivities. Naturally, there will be many Instagram-worthy photo opportunities! October 14,  5-7 p.m

Marathon to Raise $$ for Fat Cats

Cat Event: Man-in-Mal Marathon

Mala, Fitness Model Photo: Cat Paws Sanctuary

Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to our love of cats. Cat Paws Cat Sanctuary in Blackpool, U. K. is hosting an absolutely fabulous and completely ridiculous event to raise funds for an exercise and relaxation room for their cats. Staff and volunteers will be running a “Man-i-mal Marathon,” with an encouragement from “fitness model” Mala. You must read the whole article and watch the video on Mala, the pudgy puss who inspired the need for a fit kitty room. Here’s wishing them the best of success; we would be there if we could! If you want to help Cat Paws get the kitties fit, you can make a donation via Paypal; their email is:

Cat Paws Cat Event

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