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Catmosphere is temporarily closed. Please check their social media for the very latest updates. (5/21/20(


Catmosphere Laguna is the first and only Orange County cat cafe!

Catmosphere Laguna

Orange County Cat Cafe

Catch the cat cafe wave at bright and beachy Catmosphere Laguna in Laguna Beach. Catmosphere is partnering with the Ark of San Juan to find worthy homes for the friendliest, most delightful rescue kitties in Orange County. Seriously, these are some exceptional kit kats!

Orange County Cat Cafe

Looking for his furever hooman! Catmosphere Laguna/FB

Visiting Catmosphere Laguna is like landing on little Purr-adise Island. The brightly colored cat lounge is the stuff of kitty dreams. Kit kats hang ten on wall perches shaped like waves. Cat people lounge in the shade of a giant palm tree that is also a cat scratching post. Much of the groovy, hang ten vibe can be credited to the light-hearted genius of   Urban Feline. Happily, some of the whimsical designs found at Catmosphere Laguna can be purchased online to transform your own home into a kitty purradise!


Cats hang ten on custom wall perches. Catmosphere Laguna/FB

Most Instagramable Cat Cafe?

Catmosphere Laguna - Most Instagmable

Hey now! Catmosphere Laguna is most definitely one of the most Instagramable cat cafes! A bright, fun space with lots of great cats makes for great pics. Catmosphere/FB

Let’s be fur-reals, part of cat cafe fun is posting our adventures and sharing the shenanigans online. To be clear, we have yet to visit a cat cafe that isn’t highly Instagramable. There are cats, right? But the colorful, coastal cat-mosphere at Catmosphere Laguna makes for fabulous pics. So whether you’re into Tik Tok or some OG Facebook, bring your phone and start snapping the fun.


Part cat sanctuary and part cafe, Catmosphere Laguna is a must visit when you’re in Laguna Beach. Beyond delicious food and caffeinated beverage treats, you can also raise a glass of wine or beer. Cheers to that! Can’t get there in person? Tune in to the action on their live Kitty Cam. Catch a little remote purr-therapy session by tuning in. Warm and fuzzies guaranteed.

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