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Can a cat cafe save Thanksgiving? Yes! See, Thanksgiving is more than a day, it is a long holiday weekend, even a week. You need a plan, activities, caffeine. And just like that – easy as pumpkin pie- the cat cafe saves your Thanksgiving! Whether you’re just  looking for something fun to do or looking to escape the holiday chaos, a cat cafe visit is the ticket.


Make a Cat Cafe Reservation, Now

Our recipe for a happy Thanksgiving holiday: keep calm and make a reservation at the cat cafe. Now.  It will be a busy week for cat cafes so get your spots reserved now. There is no better way to show off your city and entertain your guests than a special visit to the cat cafe. If you’re already a cat cafe fan, you know exactly why this should be a top destination. For those new to kitty cafes, here’s what to expect:

  • Adoptable cats in a relaxing cage-free, open setting.
  • Food & drink offerings vary, from simple to fancy: Keurig to froufrou, coffee to wine, packaged to homemade & full menu.
  • Each cafe across the country is an authentic local experience. Each is unique & different.
  • You will pay a fee for a 30 to 60 minute visit in the cat lounge.  Cheerfully give them your  money, which supports the kitties & cat adoption.
  • Many cafes have awesome boutiques for shopping, often stocked with works of local artisans and cool t-shirts. All purchases help support the cats.

What’s Cooking at the Cat Cafe

Thanksgiving cat

It’s a busy week for cat cafes across the country, but there are 5 cat cafes open Thanksgiving Day! 

Maui: Cafe Maui

If you are lucky enough to be in Maui this holiday, Cafe Maui is open from 11 am to 5 pm!! Truly Purradise!

Nashville:  The Catio

Thanksgiving Dinner with cats? Yes, please! While 99% of cat cafes are closed on Thanksgiving Day, The Catio in Nashville is hosting a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, with cats. They will serve a a complete homemade meal with turkey and all the trimmings. There will be festive, seasonal entertainment , …and cats! At only $20/adult and $15/child, we’re ready to jump in our car and head to Nashville! Reservations close Tuesday, November 21, so book asap. Yes, Catio is the only cat cafe IN THE WORLD hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner for humans and cats!

Oklahoma City: don’t stress meowt – cat cafe

It’s a Thanksgiving miracle! In an otherwise fully booked week, don’t stress meowt (all lower case, because, like caps are stressful) decided to open for Turkey Day! Because their own family won’t celebrate till Saturday, they will welcome our families to the cafe. 

Orlando:  Kitty Beautiful

Kitty Beautiful Cat Cafe Thanksgiving

Visit the kitties at Orlando’s Kitty Beautiful Cat Cafe for a beautiful Catsgiving!

If you’re in the Orlando area for Turkey Day, The Kitty Beautiful is celebrating Catsgiving! Join them between 12pm-5pm to spend time with 25 cats!

Sioux Falls:  Cattitude Cat Cafe

Cat and coffee

Get yourself a mug of Cattitude on Thanksgiving Day!

We have gratitude for Cattitude being open on Thanksgiving Day! These heroes are open from 9 am to 6:30 pm on Turkey Day. If you are anywhere in the Sioux Falls region, this is the place to be. By anywhere, we mean an easy 200 prairie radius. 

Cattitude is a exquisitely homey place to hang out with cats, along with a full-service,  top-shelf coffee shop. Ordering their Hot Cocoa Board should become your Thanksgiving tradition!

Hot Cocoa Board at Cattitude Cat Cafe

Make Cattitude’s hot cocoa board, served on kitty shaped board, the centerpiece of your Turkey Day!


Thanksgiving Roadtrip, With  the Cat Cafe Map

That Cat Life Map

Don’t let the turkeys get you down! Use the Cat Cafe Map to plan a cat break!

If you are hitting the road this Thanksgiving week, use our Cat Cafe Map to put a cat cafe in your plan. With over 180 cat cafes now open in the United States, your path will  surely take you near one. Travelers in Florida, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina have the highest density of cafes, but most states now have at least 1 cafe, including Wyoming. So take a break or even a full side trip!

Karma Kat Cafe in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan is located just a couple minutes off U.S. Route 127. With 40 cats and a large space, it is a great cat stop option in Central Michigan.

Who needs truck stop coffee when you can level up to a delicious cat cafe concoction?

While it can be challenging to time a cat lounge reservation on a roadtrip, it is well worth the effort to take a break with cats for a little while. No time for a cat visit, no problem! Take a cat cafe break for caffeine and shopping.

Cat Cafe Kokomo coffee

Even if you don’t have time for cats, go for the coffee and treats! Photo: Cat Cafe – Kokomo Humane Society

Frosted Kitty Cookie Latte

The Black Forest Cat Cafe in Fort Wayne, Indiana is a destination for their homemade German cookies and sumptuous fancy drinks. Oh, the cats are awesome too!


Pro-tip: Because cat cafes are half cafe/ coffee shop, half cat lounge, you can often enjoy watching the cats from behind glass in the cafe while enjoying your treats. Remember, all purchases help support the kitties.

Cat hammock at Black Forest Cat Cafe

Come hang out! Cat cafes are often 1/2 cat lounge, 1/2 coffee shop. You pay only to visit the cat lounge. The Black Forest Cat Cafe is amazing on both sides of the glass!

Shopping at the Cat Cafe

There are cat-astic gift shops to be found in many cat cafes, often stocked with local artisan wares and always filled with unique cat-themed items, wearables. Many will be offering Black Fur-iday specials; some even will offer discounts in their online shops.

Cat and books

Chica Chica Boom Cat! The new Literary Cat Co. in Pittsburg, Kansas is a unique cat cafe bookstore! Make a side-trip for amazing books, literary cat themed merch, and CATS!!

Literary Cat Co. stocking stuffers

Go to Literary Cat Co. for all things cats & books! How about these stickers to stuff the stockings?

Cat magnets

Tabby & Fido’s in Bowling Green, Ohio has great stocking stuffers (and more)! Here are some fun cat magnets.

Don't Stress Meowt gift shop

Oklahoma City’s Don’t Stress Meowt Cat Cafe has an extensive gift shop filled with cool cat merch.

Literary Cat Co.

Shop till you drop at the Literary Cat Co (Pittsburg, KS). Yes, it is this cozy. Caution: you won’t want to leave!

Cat Staying Home This Holiday? The Casual Cat Cafe Will Board Your Kitty

Winner winner, Turkey Dinner! This is brilliant! The cat care experts at The Casual Cat Cafe in Richland Hills, Texas have a separate boarding facility. If you’re in Tarrant County, this is a terrific option for caring for kitty while you’re away.

Cat Boarding at the Casual Cat Cafe

The Casual Cat Cafe -experts in cat care- offer cat boarding at their separate boarding facility.

If you’re packing the cat along with you this week, check out these  tips for traveling by car with your kitty.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and check back for updates on Black Cat Friday and Small Business Saturday happenings at cat cafes.

Cat and his Thanksgiving pumpkin

Sport the Wonder Cat and his Thanksgiving pumpkin. Share the bounty!


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