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**Permanently Closed **

Caturday Cat & Kitten Lounge closed permanently in July 2020, a casualty of Covid-19 restrictions. It’s furever Caturday in our hearts!

Caturday Lounge

Stay pawsitive, cat people! Caturday Lounge will re-open soon. They have a FABULOUS new online store w cat themed face masks and cool t-shirts! Or just make a donation to their Go-Fund Me to help during these tough times.

Caturday Lounge has announced that visits are temporarily suspended. Their rescue efforts continue during this challenging time, as do their expenses. There are a number of ways to help, both small and large, linked at the Caturday website. As  a 501-c(3), donations to Caturday are tax-deductable.

Even small donations to their Caturday Go Fund Me help at this time.

Be sure to follow Caturday on the socials for updates!

Caturday Lounge in Brea

Caturday Lounge in Brea is temporarily closed for visits due to the Covid-19 efforts to flatten the curve. There are a number of ways to support their vital rescue efforts and make sure they continue to serve the Brea community well into the future.


What if there could be a place where every day is Caturday? A celebration of felines where us mere humans just bask in the goodness of all things Kat. The lounging, the playing, the snuggles. Perhaps enjoy a hot beverage in the sleek, spacious mecca devoted to cats. There exists such a place.

Visit Caturday Cat & Kitten Lounge to enjoy the promise of Caturday, everyday. Ok, well six days a week. Caturday is Orange County’s first non-profit cat cafe.

95% cats +5% cafe = 100% fabulous!

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