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Had enough social isolating? Go socialize with cats! After months of lockdown, cat cafes across the country  are starting to open following Covid-19 closures. The kitties are waiting: book your  1st post-quarantine cat cafe visit   now!


Cat Cafe South Beach

Cat Cafe South Beach is now open and the kitties cannot wait for you to visit! Cat Cafe South Beach/FB

Know Before You Go:   Visiting  a Cat Cafe After  Covid-19 Closures

Like other business, cat cafes  are opening to a changed world.   “Opening”   means something different at every cafe, in every corner of the country. Some cafes are already  full service while others are starting slowly with more limited offerings. Many have reduced   hours and still others are   by appointment only.   As Albuquerque’s Catopia  puts it, “We’re kinda open!”

  • Online reservations are highly encouraged to visit the kitties, and required by some cat cafes.
  • Masks: highly encouraged  by many and required by some cat cafes.  Some cat cafes are selling super cute  cat-themed face masks
  • Bring your best catitude! We’re all just figuring out this post Covid-19 closure world together.
  • Check  your cat cafe’s social media for the latest on hours and more.

Support Your Local Cat Cafe!

Love cat cafes? Show them! Cat cafes, like other small businesses, are reeling from the Covid-19 closures.  They are the ultimate mom & pop corner small business  … with a  rescue mission.   Your visits,  merch purchases, and caffeine fix helps feed the kitties and pay the rent.   Your  support -right now- can make all the difference . How to stay connected to  the cat cafe community:

  • Think local! Make your local cat cafe your go-to for coffee and good eats!   Many cat cafes have fabulous  food and drink -now available for  pickup or delivery.
    A Kitten Kadoodle Coffee Cafe

    More than cats! Long Island’s Kitten Kadoodle Coffee Cafe serves a a full menu of vegetarian meals, smoothies, coffee, tea, baked goods and desserts. You can order online for pickup! And the cat side of the cafe is open!!

  • Adopt! Even  cat cafes still under Covid-19 closures are still adopting cats via appointment. It is kitten season!
Cat Adoptions during Covid-19 closures River City Cat Cafe

Spencer found his fur-ever home during the global pandemic! Covid-19 hasn’t stopped adoptions at River City Cafe in Evansville, Indiana.

  • Book the whole Cat  Cafe! One of the most exciting responses to the requirements of reopening are the  scheduling options offered by some cafes.   Book a whole cat cafe for your  household!   Minneapolis’s Cafe Meow is offering an exclusive Purr Household Cat Lounge Experience where you can bring up to 6 people you currently live with for a flat fee .
  • Plan Ahead: buy now,  go later! Actual research  show that we get as much pleasure    planning a   vacation as in  the vacation itself (it’s science). Because visiting a cat cafe is basically a mini-vacation,  double your joy by purchasing an e-gift card for a future visit now. Plan that cat cafe roadtrip   for this  summer with our cat  cafe  map.
  • Who doesn’t need an hour or three at the Charming Cat Cafe?! Mini-vacation in purr-adise!
Charming Cat Cafe

What could be more charming than the Charming Cat Cafe? Plan a visit to the Dallas area to find out! Buy e-gift cards now for future visits to cat cafes.

  • Treat yourself to some Meowchandise!  Without a doubt, the coolest cat stuff is found at cat cafes and in their online stores.   

How about the purrect social distancing accessory from Pawffee  Shop:  a  “Cats  Are My Favorite People”  wine tumbler!   Cheers to your good health, cat peoples!

Cats are my favorite people wine tumbler

Cheers to that! Get set for a social distancing summer with this great wine tumbler from Pawffee Shop! Milwaukee the tortie approves!

Take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime  opportunities  that are popping up, like the online auctions that   Cat Nook Cafe is holding regularly.

Cat Nook Cafe Online Auction

Cat Nook Cafe has been holding online auctions with AMAZING items at very affordable prices. The next one runs May 22-May 26, but check back because they are ongoing.


And don’t we all need this shirt from   Casual Cat Cafe!!

Cats Against Covid Casual Cat Cafe

This is THE shirt we all need right now! Order online now from Casual Cat Cafe. The best, most unique cat stuff is at your local cat cafe or in their online store.

Cat Cafe Reopening Roundup

Here are the cat cafes that are either currently open in some capacity or have announced  their plans.  **We are  regularly updating this list as  cafes announce their plans. Last Updated: Friday, 5/29/20**


  • Birmingham, Gatos and Beans: Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday Starting May 22
  • Huntsville, Cattyshack, Inc.: Starting May 22, open Fridays and Saturdays


  • Chino Hills, Cat Cafe Rescue: Open! Must make online reservation!
  • Santa Barbara, Cat Therapy:  Fully open! Come n for a regular,  reserved visit or  a walk-in visit. Also available for private bookings for yourself   and  up to  5 people for a  flat fee.   Book it  right up!  




  • Atlanta, Java Cats: Temporarily closed   as of 7/3/20.
  • Savannah, Pounce Cafe:  Open May  15! Limited hours initially. Reservations and  masks required.
  • Lawrenceville, The Catfe: Open w/new hours!
  • Marietta, Java  Cats: Open!   Masks and reservations required!


Honolulu, Hawai’i Cat Cafe: Fully open and back to normal hours! Just required to wear a mask and social distance.

Honolulu, Popoki & Tea:   Reopening  announcement coming soon.   Private appointments available for pre-approved adopters.

Hawai'i Cat Cafe

Hawai’i Cat Cafe is OPEN!


  • Chicago,   Catcade:   Hope to open by mid-June,   “provided the world doesn’t get  progressively shittier.”    Fingers crossed on that!  Adoptions are continuing , of course. And  it is big time kitten season here.


  • Evansville, River Kitty Cat Cafe:    Open! Full menu, including the famous River Kitty macarons! Cat lounge reservations recommended.
  • Indianapolis, Nine Lives Cat Cafe  Currently open for curbside pickup of their wonderful treats and coffee drinks. Check their FB page for current hours. Hot Tip: If you happen to travel across Indiana on I70, Nine Lives is an easy jump off the highway for a coffee break!
    Nine Lives Cat Cafe Indianapolis

    Hey Indy! Hey cross-country cat lovers, Indianapolis’s Nine Lives Cat Cafe is offering curbside service of their gourmet coffee drinks and treats. Cats will return soon! Pro-tip: Add their phone number to your contacts now!


  • Louisville,   Lucky Cat Cafe:   Opening Friday, May 29!
  • Louisville, Purrfect Day Cat Cafe: Opening Friday, May 22!
    Purrfect Day Cat Cafe

    Louisville’s Purrfect Day Cat Cafe is Open! Be sure to make a reservation for the kitty lounge in advance and also check the new open hours.



Cafe Meow

What have you been doing during the Covid-19 closure? These Cafe Meow kitties got a little chonky and are ready for you to book a visit! Cafe Meow/FB

  • Minneapolis, Cafe Meow :   Open! Regular reservations or book the Exclusive Purr-household cafe experience available!   Up to   6 people from a single household can visit together for  a flat  fee. We love it!  Also open for takeout and curbside pickup.


  • Branson,  Mochas and Meows Curbside pickup begins Wednesday,  5/20
  • Columbia,  Papa’s Cat Cafe : Open now! Online reservations   recommended
  • Kansas City, Whiskers Cat Cafe:   Reservations required, open!
  • Maplewood, Mauhaus Cat Cafe:   Open for curbside pickup and delivery.   Visits open for small group visits of up to  10  people .
  • St. Louis, Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe: Open!
    Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe

    Be first to get back your favorite cat cafe! We’re headed to St. Louis’s Cheshire Grin!

New  Mexico

  • Albuquerque, Catopia:  Open   for curbside  pickup  of all the goodies. And adoptions are, of course, continuing!


Catopia Reopening

    • Taos,  Stray Hearts ReTails,Reopening Thursday, May 21 (and starting to accept donations for the resale store again!). Please wear a mask. Their online store is always open and stocked with unique  items, including an ever changing collection of Southwest  jewelry.
Stray Hearts ReTails

Stray Hearts ReTails is a Taos Resale shop AND cat cafe!! All the good things in life. If you can’t get to Taos, shop their online store!

New York

  • Buffalo, Buckminster Cat Cafe: Cat Zone open by appointment, with a 4 person limit.   And Buckminster online shop is always open with coffee, toys, gift cards!
  • Huntington, Catpurrccinos Cat Cafe: Open for curbside pickup .
  • Ithica, Alley Cat Cafe: Open for curbside pickup
  • Sayville, Shabby Tabby Cat Cafe: Open by appointment
  • Selden, A Kitten Kadoodle Cat Cafe: Cat-side is open for visitors! Cafe Curbside Pick-up Only for now. 

North Carolina


  • Dayton, Gem City Catfe: As of July 3: Upstairs lounge is open & takeout available.   Adoptions by appointment.
    Gem City Catfe

    Think local! Make your local cat cafe for coffee & food. Dayton’s Gem City Catfe is offering their full menu and merch via online order and drive-thru pick up! They are easy to reach via major highways around Dayton!


        • Greensburg, Cattfeinated Cat Cafe: Open! Masks required and reservations recommended.
        • Hollidaysburg, Nine Lives Lounge: Open! Online reservations required -no walkins during on week days. Please place coffee order online at time of reservation. Walk-ins welcome on weekends.
        • Norwood, Cat Nook: Open! Masks & reservations required !  

South  Carolina

Charleston,  Pounce Cafe:  Open! Limited hours initially. Reservations and  masks required.



Chattanooga, Naughty Cat Cafe: Open Now! Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays 12pm – 5pm with a 10 person maximum.

Knoxville, Scruffy’s Cat Cafe:  Grand  Opening set for  Friday, June 5th!  Yes, kittens,  a  brand new cat cafe! 

Scruffy's Cafe Opening

Nothing says joy and hope like a brand new cat cafe! We’re so excited for Knoxville’s new Scruffy’s Cafe opening on June 5th!

Murfreesboro, Catfeine Cat Cafe: Opens Friday, May 22!!

Nashville,   Catio: OPEN!  Starting Friday, May 29!

Catio Nashville is Open

Catio Nashville is now OPEN after 2 months of Covid-19 closure. Catio was only open for 4 months before having to close due to the pandemic. Your support now if especially meaningful -visit, adot, shop, enjoy the Catio now!

Nashville,   Mewsic Kitty:   Opening Friday, June  5th!  Please check website for Covid adjustments.



Norfolk,   Catnip Cat Cafe Tentatively planning to open the weekend  of 5/30. Please   check FB for updates.

West Virginia

Berkeley Springs,   Give Purrs a Chance:  Opening Friday, May 29!  Will be open daily  11 am -5 pm.  


Appleton, Pawffee Shop: Reopening  Tuesday, June 2! Follow their FB for details.

What If My Cat Cafe Isn't Open Yet?

Because of the wildly varying conditions regionally and individually, there is no great big grand opening day across the country for all the cat cafes. But what a cool idea, right!? Most cat cafes are continuing adoptions by appointment  until they are able to open to the public.  Many have amazing online opportunities to stay connected, like the FREE virtual yoga offered by Fat Cat Tallahasee. There are also many alternative ways to support your cat cafes at this time, ranging from straight up donations to buying their cool merchandise online.   Check back often & stay connected!

K.A.T Cafe

At K.A.T. Cafe in Maryland, preparations are being made to open. Check in regularly with your local cat cafes for details on opening. Meanwhile, the kitties are living their best, cage-free life while waiting for the peoples to return!

Have an Update?

Did we miss something? Have an update? Please leave comment below!

River Kitty Cat Cafe cat for adoption

Lola and her sister Abby are 8 yo twins currently considering humans for adoption at River Kitty Cat Cafe in Evansville, Indiana. Are you worthy?


  1. I love the idea of cat cafes! It’s a great way for those who may not be in a position to adopt at this time to get their kitty fix while helping cats in need of a home. At the same time, it can introduce many of these adorable kitties to their forever home! We don’t have a local cat cafe here, but I’ve honestly considered starting one up. I think it would be a big hit! Something I might work towards at some point in the future…

  2. Cat Cafés are the best of two worlds. Not only can you get a tasty treat, but you get to visit with the cats. Petting cats or any friendly animal is a great way to reduce stress. Something we could all use to do these days. Plus you might just find your best furry friend at one.

  3. I live in Michigan and I believe that our local cat cafe is allowed to reopen as long as people visit by appointment. No more than 10 people can be in the building at one time. I don’t know that for sure. It does seem like pet adoptions are still slowly happening in our area.

  4. Wow your page looks big on my computer screen. Wow this is fun!!!

    Agree 100% we are already visiting our local cat cafe here in New Zealand. Supporting a small local business is much more important than buying cheap ‘made in china’ stuff from a big box store.

  5. I was planning a trip to visit a couple cafes before everything shut down. It’s challenging for me because I travel with a cat (or 2.) definitely planning on checking out one close by in NH soon.

  6. What a great idea to book the whole cafe for your family! I have not been to a cat cafe yet, but I hope to see one someday. There is one a couple of hours away that I might visit in the fall.

  7. Thank you for the list of cat cafes. I only live about 2 hours from the cat cafe in Charleston, but haven’t been there yet. We used to have one about 5 miles from me, but they had to close because the rent was too high in the area they were in. I hope they can open up again soon.

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