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Let’s face it: face masks are here to stay for awhile. Upgrade your pandemic style with a cat face mask! Support rescue kitties and look like a cool cat by ordering   one   of these  great face masks. 

Help Rescue Cats With Your Face Mask Purchase

Why buy your face masks from   a   cat cafe or cat  rescue ?   The cats!   Cat  cafes and  rescue groups have been hard  hit by the extended Covid-19  closures. But cat rescue  needs continue.

Some   cat cafes, like El Jefe Cat Lounge and Seattle’s Meowtropolitan have yet  to reopen from the Covid-19 lockdowns. Every dollar you spend  on face masks and other  online merch  helps   the rescue mission continue.   

Face It: Cute Masks From Caffeinated Cat Cafe

Cat Face Mask

Everyone is excited about the great face masks at Caffeinated Cat Cafe in Jacksonville, Florida.

Hey now! You need one of  the great cat face masks from   Caffeinated Cat Cafe ! The masks are made in-house by volunteers   at the  cafe, with all proceeds going directly to  support the cats. 


To Order:  Masks are $7.  Shipped same day.  Call  (904) 853-5154

Cattyshack, Inc.:   Put Your Cat Face Mask On!

Meow! Bring smiles with this happy cat face mask from Cattyshack, Inc.  Cattyshack, Inc.  is a brand new cat cafe that  is located in   a vibrant arts  complex   in  Huntsville, Alabama.

Cat Face Mask

The Cattyshack, Inc. cat face mask was designed, printed, and donated locally by designer Hadley at Green Pea Studios in Huntsvilles. All sales go direct to kitty care at Huntsville’s new cat cafe.

The masks were  designed by an artist  at  the neighboring  Green Pea  Press  and donated to Cattyshack  . The artist Hadley also designed the cafe’s cool t-shirt. ALL proceeds go directly to the care  of Cattyshack’s rescue cats!


To Order:  

Masks  are $8 each.   Easy  ordering from Cattyshack, Inc.’s   Facebook shop. Why not get a t-shirt too! Free shipping.

Lazy Cat Lounge:  Crafted  With Love in Indiana


Cat Face MaskLaugh in the face of the global pandemic! Spread smiles, not germs! Lazy Cat Lounge in Lafayette, Indiana is offering  the cutest cat face masks this side of the Mississippi River.

Cat Face Mask

Cat face masks made with love to keep you safe and benefit the Lazy Cat Lounge cat rescue. Great bargain too! Why not add a little donation to your order?!

Crafted with care and love of kitty cats by the grandmother of the Lazy Cat Lounge’s owner,  these masks are made of double-layered cotton with elastic straps. Smaller masks for children are also available.  And all proceeds go to support the Lazy Cat Lounge cat rescue efforts. 

To Order:  

  • Price is 1 for $3, or 2 for $5 (+ shipping)
  • Send a Facebook message to Lazy Cat Lounge or an email with the number of masks you desire.   They will  message you your total $.
  • Pay via Paypal:

Lazy Cat Lounge also has this great mask available throught their Bonfire fundraiser :

Lazy Cat Lounge Face Mask

Face it: we all need a wardrobe of masks now. Why not have some fun with our face mask?

El Jefe Cat Lounge: Every Style of Face Mask

Cat Face Mask El Jefe

El Jefe has a mask for every mood and every style! We want one them all (there are even more designs on their website). Still closed for the Covid-19 lockdown, El Jefe is covering their cat rescue expenses with the online sales of masks and other merchandise. Treat yourself to their great wearables, and consider rounding up your order with a donation during these challenging times.

Whatever your  style, El Jefe Cat Lounge has you covered. From cute cat face masks to sophisticated geometric prints, sunny floral patterns, and more, El Jefe will help you build out your face mask wardrobe. Honestly, we want them all! 


To Order:

  • Masks are $12 each and ship within 24 hours
  • Free shipping over w/ orders over $25
  • Don’t you need a t-shirt with that new mask!

Seattle Meowtropolitan: Protect & Serve Masks

Looking for an urban cool vibe? During the lockdown, Seattle Meowtropoltan has transformed the cafe side  into a mask production workshop. They are  hand-crafting a high-tech,  multi-layer   masks.

Lightweight face mask

From cat cafe to high tech face mask factory! Seattle Meowtropolitan Cat Cafe has made a pandemic pivot during the Covid-19 closure. The result is a great looking, well designed mask. Note:  cats are never in same room as the mask production.

Not Just Another Pretty Face Mask

The urban chic look of Seattle Meowtropolitan face masks aren’t the only super cool thing about the  mask. The  Protect & Serve face masks are an effort to make sure essential workers on the front lines have masks. For each face mask purchased they donat a mask to a front-line employee, including mail carriers, grocery store workers, assisted-living nurses, garbage collectors, first responders, law enforcement, bus drivers, etc. 

Order here for the Win-Win-Win!

Do You Need a Face Mask? 


If you work in a business where you interact with the public, chances are you are required to wear a face mask by your employer. For a variety of reasons, most businesses are letting employees express their own personal style with their own face mask. At DeLallo Foods in Jeanette, Pennsylvania, this delightful and helpful lady is spreadng cheer with her bright cat face mask. She explains, “If you have to wear one, it might as well be fun!” We agree.


Cat Face Mask

Put your best face forward with a happy cat face mask! This lovely lady made our day at DeLallo Foods in Jeanette, Pennsylvania. Sorry kittens, her cat face mask was made locally.


Without diving into the science, at minimum it seems like a good idea to wear a mask in many public and social situations.  The  official CDC recommendation is to wear a cloth face mask. Their research confirms that wearing a mask will protect others and contain spread.   And wearing a mask will also give you, the face mask wearer, a measure of protection as well. Wearing a mask helps reduce the viral load of the virus you receive should you be exposed. 


Depending where you live, the decision to wear a face mask may be mandated by local authorities or it can be largely a personal choice. As cat cafes reopen around the country, there is a mix of mandatory and recommended. On their grand reopening weekend, the Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe in St. Louis, Missouri had some fun with a face mask contest for visitors. Owner Paul Scimone set  the bar  with the ultimate cat face mask, crafting a Tiger King look. Who can’t get on board with this look!

Ultimate Cat Face Mask

Paul Scimone of St. Louis’s Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe rocking a Tiger King themed cat face mask!

Our Official Cat Face Mask Recommendation

River Kitty Cat Cafe Face Mask

Great advice from River City Cat Cafe! The Evansville, Indiana cat cafe sells a variety of face masks onsite, from cat prints to football and everything in between.

What should you do? Hey, we’re a cat blog not the CDC. But that doesnt’ stop us from issuing an official That Cat Life recommendation: wear a cute cat face mask. And we won’t stop there. We are confident you’ll  receive the added the health benefits of warm and fuzzy feelings by ordering your face masks from the cat cafes and rescues that really can use your support right now. Heck, round up your order with a donation. Sure, there are lots of cheap masks on Amazon and beyond, but these masks are crafted with cat love! 

Don’t Forget to Pin It!

Cat Face Mask

Do it for the kitties! Your face mask purchase helps support cat rescue during these challenging times. Here’s a sporty mask from El Jefe Cat Cafe. And always make sure you have an extra face mask handy in case you are requested to wear one.

Did we miss a cat cafe or rescue with great face masks? Let us know! We’re happy to add them here. And show us your face masks!

Cat Face Mask Pin

This cute mask is from Caffeinated Cat Cafe in Jacksonville, Florida. $10 and all proceeds go directly to support the cats!


  1. It’s looking like masks are going to be part of our lives, well at least for the near future. So we might as well have a little fun with it and help out some kitties at the same time. My favorite is the black and white cat mask from Lazy Cat lounge.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the masks, they are amazing and love the idea that they give back. I have too many LOL at the moment as we have to wear them when we are out, San Francisco and it is become part of our outfits now.

  3. Oh my goodness, I love the mask from El Jefe (and I love the name ?). Yup, it’s the best thing we can do during this pandemic – go for things that lift our spirits and bring us joy. Like cat face masks! Love these and will share!

  4. This is a really cute way to give back at this time. While we haven’t purchased our masks from a local rescue, we did just buy a couple of pool floats from a cat rescue that my mother is highly involved with. They do an auction twice a year, and we always try to pick up at least one item from it. We know that we’re going to be spending a lot more time at home with our pool this year, so that was an easy choice! Plus, all the proceeds go to a great cause, so why not? Right?

  5. First thing I did when they put a mask rule in place here was to order up some cute cat masks. Might as well make a statement and support a local rescue group at the same time!

    • Hey Krysten, El Jefe has a very large selection -including some with paw prints. Can’t tell you how cute they are in person! Check out El Jefes and also the ones from The Caffeinated Cat for more animal lover styles!

  6. I do love these cats face masks designs, they are so cute. I wish that you sell all of these for that sake of those cats.

  7. The design looks really cute on the face masks! The mask for cats are also lovely too, these are nice things to wear especially during the pandemic! I’m glad you shared these with us, thank you!

  8. Those masks are seriously cute and the cause behind it is even better. Thank you for sharing all the info, I had no idea!!

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