Need to send some Valentine love but don’t have time to shop? Want to be the cat’s pyjamas while in your pyjamas? We’ve got you covered! Here is a great big list of last-minute, Valentine gifts and cards for cat lovers you can send right meow. If you can’t go to a cat cafe for Valentine fun, you can still send some fun. Best of all, your Valentine purchase helps benefit rescue cats!

Not only can you send most of these right up to the last minute, you will be certain your recipient actually receives your thoughtful sentiment in record time. We have purr-sonally love our U.S. Postal Service mailman, but kats everywhere trust official  USPSPSSS for zoomie service of official K.A.T. mail. No matter where you are, you can send a last minute Valentine’s gift for the cat lover in your life, right up to the very last minute!

Order Meow:  Cat Valentine Card Delivered Anywhere in U.S.A.

Cat mail

Clarion PAWS will send your love a physical Valentine card in the mail with your personalized message. Sent in an kraft envelope via US. Mail.. Get your order in now!

Let’s go old school with a Valentine delivered by they U. S. Postal Service!  Who doesn’t love to receive mail? Especially when it benefits cute, adoptable cats?! Not only can you order these cards to be sent right from your computer, they are less costly than a drugstore greeting and they benefit kitties!

Have a Cat Card Mailed to Your Fave Purr-sons!

Five  super cute Valentines, easy to order right from your computer or phone. Also available for purchase at the shelter near Clarion. 100% of proceeds go to supporting Clarion PAWS mission of helping homeless cats. 

Clarion PAWS is a no-kill feline adoption center in Western Pennsylvania. They are partner to the fantastic Calico Cafe in Brookville (thank you Calico for alerting us to this great Valentine meow-raiser!)


Cat Valentines

There are five fabulous cat Valentines to choose from, or order them all! Clarion PAWS custom personalizes each card & physically mails each card!

There are six adorable Valentines to choose from, including this gem:

Cat in Box Valentine

The purrfect Valentine card from Clarion PAWS! Personalized & in the mail!

Easy to order, but do it NOW for timely delivery. You can also purchase at the shelter near Clarion. 100% of proceeds go to supporting Clarion PAWS mission of helping homeless cats. 

Are You Feline Sweet or Sassy? Purrista Cat Cafe Will Send Your Valentines!

Valentine Card

Choose a Sweet or Sassy card to be sent to your purr-son for only $5! Order all month long!

Purrista Cat Cafe in Erie, Pennsylvania has your Valentine card desires! Select either a sweet or sassy full color cat postcard! The 4×6″ postcard will be physically mailed via USPS First-Class Mail. You can also order for pick-up at Purrista’s. 

Order cards all thru the month of February -only $5!

Send Last Minute Valentine Love Via Email Anywhere in the World

No excuses, kitties: let’s send those last minute Valentine’s meow! Send some love to all your favorite people with Gem City Caftfe’s online Valentine cards! Select the purrfect sentiment for your fave purrsons from 9 custom cat cards! For just $8, you can spread a lot of love!

Order Your Online Valentine 


Two cats
Super easy-to-order with 9 delightful designs & purrfect sentiments for all your Valentines! Gem City is truly a jewel of a cat cafe and regional non-profit cat rescue. Each Valentine you send  helps support Gem City Kitties! Your online Valentine card will be delivered withing 24 hours.  Your Valentine sends love to your friends & to kitties in need! Purrfect! 


Cat Valentines

Send a Digital Card of Your Own Cat, With Custom Valentine Edits!

Send a digital card of YOUR OWN KITTY with Valentine edits! Alley Cat Cafe in Abingdon, Virginia will embelish a photo of your own kitty cat with a Valentine theme for just $5! You can send your card via email or print your one-of-a-kind artwork to hang. Just message Alley Cat via Facebook make arrangements. Funny, romantic, or sweet -Alley Cat will edit your own kitty photo to order!

Cat Valentine

Get a Custom Heart Posted to Facebook, All February

Give a heart to save a heart! Joplin Humane Society will post a custom, virtual heart to Facebook for just $5, thru the month of February. Maybe a heart for your own kitty or your friend in Florida, just like Bonnie Eloise’s parents did?  Joplin Humane Society is a wonderful, dynamic organization doing amazing work in Joplin, Missouri. Every $5 helps! Order here!


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