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Let’s Get Cozy:  Winter Days are the Best Days for a Cat Cafe

Snow piling up? Grey skies got you blue? Of course the answer is always cats. Specifically, cat cafes! In fact, winter is the best of times to visit a cat cafe. Some cafes have fewer visitors and all cat cafes welcome the support during the uneven winter months.  Cats agree: get yourself to a cat cafe right meow! 

Cat in Cat Bed

Thurston says come in & have a cuddle at Pawffee Shop Cat Cafe in Appleton, Wisconsin!

As cabin fever sets in, set off for your nearest cat cafe for the cure. They will set you up with kitties, a mug of your favorite warm beverage, and all the warm & fuzzies you need to beat the winter blues. With many schools called off, cat cafes are a great place to take the kiddos on a snow day. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even fall in love with an adoptable cat.

Cat and coffee

Even the coldest days are Caturday at Coffee Cats in West Des Moines, Iowa. Photo: Coffee Cats WDM/FB

Winter Outside the Cat Cafe is Frightful

Cat looking at snow

Looks a lot better from the inside! Come for the kitty cats at Buffalo’s Buckminster’s Cat Cafe, but stay awhile for the full menu, including paninis & a quiche of the day!

Frosted window with cats

Even winter friendly Wisconsin has had a frosty start to the new year. There is no better place to warm up in Southern Wisconsin than BaristaCats Cafe & Sanctuary for Wayward Cats in Whitewater.

Open & ready for cuddles! Catty Corner Cafe cat ambassador Cello is hard at play helping to clear the path for visitors! Located in Leesburg, Virginia, Catty Corner Cafe tells us that while it is a little slower when it snows,  customers enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and extra cuddles with their very social kitties.

Cat Cafes Feeling the Chill 

It’s been tough sledding in many parts of the country this week. After a relatively mild December, many places are experiencing the full, extended force of winter. From Arkansas’s Gibson’s Cat Cafe to Oregon’s Playful Paws Cat Cafe, Tennessee’Catfeine Cat Cafe to Mississippi’s Cattiesburg Cafe, and New Jersey’s Catsbury Park to Ohio’s Kitty’s Catfe, cat cafes are feeling the chill this week. Many have had to reduce hours or even close for multiple days due to weather this week (don’t worry:  the kitties are always well-cared for and warm!) Reduced hours and closures mean a reduction in the revenues that support the cats and the small businesses devoted to the kitties. 

Closed Today

Murfreesboro’s Catfeine has had to close four days this week due to weather. Check out the pawsome online store on their website -always open!

Snow Ball Effect:  Make it a Big Winter for Cat Cafes

Leave the wind chill outside with warm cats and coffee at The Cafe Meow in New Hope, Minnesota.

Cats and coffee

Leave the wind chill outside with warm cats and coffee at The Cafe Meow in New Hope, Minnesota.

While January can be slow for many businesses,  it can be acutely felt in small businesses (very small) like cat cafes. Know that every visit to the cat lounge and every drink purchase helps support both rescue cats and a small business.  Let’s warm up this cold snap with a cat cafe visit this weekend, this week. Why not give yourself an hour at your local cat cafe this weekend! Even if you can’t visit the cat lounge, swing by for coffee and treats. Some cafes like  Spokane’s Kitty Cantina even have a drive-thru!

Snowed in? Plan now for your next visit!

  • Make a  reservation 
  • Buy a gift card
  • Shop cat cafe online store
  • Make a reservation for a cat cafe activity such as Painting With Cats event or Cat Yoga 

So let’s get out there and visit a cat cafe this winter!


Make your reservation! The kitties are waiting for you at Feline Good Social Club in Long Beach, CA!

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