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Christmas came early in Cleveland. The tree was trimmed and the presents were wrapped as the pet parents left for an evening of seasonal fun just two days before Christmas. Turns out the fur family left at home had some festivities of their own in mind. Arriving home from a night on the town, the pet parents were greeted by a scene that is sure to land the family dog a place on Santa’s naughty pet list. The cats claim innocence.

Naughty Christmas Pets

Forensic reconstruction of the merriment suggests Riley, a boxer/lab mix, was overcome by the spirit of the season. The feline siblings were witness to the frenzy but deny involvement.  Interviews with the cats depict a jolly scene. One by one, Riley brought each present from under the Christmas tree to another room. There, she tore through…

The ribbons!

The wrappings!

The tags!

The trimmings!

The trappings!

Naughty Pet List

In her defense, Riley claims she was merely giving the cats a little Christmas cheer. She is also quick to point out that actual presents were not damaged, only the wrappings. Fair enough. She also implicated the cats: “Declyn and Layla had a blast: dashing under the paper wrappings, racing through the ribbon scraps.” Remains of merriment nonetheless seem conclusive.

Naughty or Nice?

Dad Josh reports that it is impossible to share a family photo of Riley, Declyn, and Layla; the cats refuse to pose with the dog. Sigh. Wishing you peace and joy in the new year, pet peoples!








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