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Tennessee: Catfeine Cat Cafe **New! Now Open**

Murfreesboro Cat Cafe

Tennessee: Catfeine Cat Cafe **New! Now Open**

Catfeine Cat Cafe, Murfreesboro


Murfreesboro Cat CafeMiddle Tennessee is a cat cafe destination! The Murfreesboro cat cafe Catfeine is set to open soon in the Georgetown Park section of the city. The much-anticipated Catfeine Cat Cafe opened in early April 2019. There are now three Tennessee cat cafes, with Mewsic Kitty Cafe located in nearby Nashville and Naughty Kitty Cafe just a day drive away.

Cat enthusiasts and entrepreneurs Taura and Curtis Byrd have created a top-drawer cat cafe experience with a cool, mid-century modern vibe. That’s right: the Byrd’s have opened a cat cafe! Like many cat cafes, Catfeine has included a cat-inspired wall mural. Local artist Tommy Phothisane has given the Murfreesboro cat cafe a joyful celebration of cats and “the Boro.” Murfreesboro Cat Cafe mural Everything about Catfeine sparks our joy!

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