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St. Pete’s First Cat Cafe

Sunshine Kitty Catfe
Are you ready? St. Petersburg is getting a cat cafe! The Sunshine Kitty Catfe is on track to open in September 2019 as St. Pete’s first cat cafe. And what a catfe is will be!

The Sunshine Kitty Catfe is opening in the vibrant Grand Central District of downtown St. Pete. They are already catifying their new 2-story space located at 1st Ave South, just a block from Tropicana Field. Sunshine Kitty is taking the space from law office to cat cafe in a most definite improvement to the neighborhood. More cats, less lawyers!

Florida Cat Cafes

The Sunshine Kitty Catfe is the third cat cafe set to open in Florida in 2019. Six Florida cat cafes are already bringing sunshine and joy to Floridians. But next closest cat cafe over one hundred miles away in Orlando. With a population of nearly 2.8 million people in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area, the Catfe is sure to be busy. In the meantime, visit one the other Florida cat cafes.

Don’t Wait! Join The Sunshine Kitty Catfe Fun Now

Cat LoungeDon’t just sit around dreaming of kittens and cupcakes till this magical cat cafe appears, join the fun! The Catfe’s Indieogogo Campaign is LIVE! Donate as little as $10 to help launch the very first St. Pete cat cafe. You don’t have to live in St. Pete or even Florida to wanna rep some of the great cat swag perks that Sunshine is offering. Local cat lovers need pounce on the three month unlimited membership option!

Cat Cafe Insider Tip: The Cafe will be booked solid the first few months -especially going into the holidays. And after your inaugural visit to Sunshine, we’re pretty sure you are going to want to return. Again and again. Trust us: splurge on the Unlimited 3 month Membership! Then buy one for the cat lover in life!


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