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**January  2020 Update:    Calico Cat Cafe  is temporarily closed due to a  water pipe   break. **    

Major renovations are   underway following a   water pipe   burst that affected the dining area of the cat cafe.  Don’t   worry: the kitties are  fine and being well-cared   for in   their separate   cat area.   

Want to help? A     Go Fund Me  account   has been  set up   to help recovery efforts.

Calico Cat Cafe & Barkery

There exists in the Yakima Valley of eastern Washington a cafe unlike any other in the world. All the very best things in life are brought together in the unlikely town of Zillah:

  • Cats
  • Breakfast…complete with cat face pancakes if you’re lucky
  • Home made Soup
  • Hamburgers
  • Catio
  • Job opportunities for people with autism and other intellectual differences

The Calico Cat Cafe & Barkery is everything cat people might conjure when they dream of cat cafes. And all this goodness is also doing good. Not only is the cafe, like other U.S. cat cafes, finding permanent homes for cats, it is providing employment opportunities for adults with autism and other disabilities.

Cat Cafe Provides Job Opportunities For People With Disabilities

The Calico Cat Cafe is in fact the first cat cafe in the country to offer such job training and opportunities. The Cafe is a program of the non-profit Community SEEDS (Support, Education, Empowerment, Disability Solutions). The cafe is just the first step toward a full campus of opportunities that will give equal love to dogs. The Barkery  part will include a doggie day care and dog park. Plans also include an event center, upscale bistro, artisan bakery, and more. We really couldn’t love it more!

Full Cafe With Truly Unique Offerings (and Cats)

Calico’s full cafe with fresh prepared food and cat lounge is extremely unique in the world of cat cafes -both U.S. and worldwide. Cat cafe offerings can range from cats only to Keurig coffee and prepackaged snacks to gourmet coffees and locally sourced healthy plates. There are many combinations, but a cat cafe with a full menu is a rare gem indeed. Wisconsin’s Tabby’s Catfe is the only other full cafe we’re aware of. The cat lounge is separate from the cafe but diners can enjoy both their meal and the cats from a cat lounge viewing counter.

Calico Cat Cafe & Barkery
Not only does the Calico cafe have a full menu, the menu itself is truly unique. We can proclaim unequivocally that this is the ONLY cat cafe in the WORLD with Steak!  Steak Saturdays at the cafe are without question a one and only event in the world of cat cafes! Very few cat cafes are open breakfast, and fewer yet actually have a full breakfast menu. If daily home made soup and grilled cheese sandwiches aren’t enough, you can always just come visit the cats!

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